Poo-Pourri of Hills

Poo-Pourri of Hills

17 Pax posted on Tuesday in various states of readiness (some on recovery, some on full workout mode, some not sure which is which), but they all got a dose of run strength and endurance intervals that Swift aims to provide.


  • A sparse early crew at 0500 – perhaps just a couple of cars had YHC worried that the Kiawah crew would not show.
  • 0514 – The parking lot was getting filled and 17 PAX were ready to head out.  A brief disclaimer about ice and leaves was given and we were off.
  • 0515 – Warm-up along Rushmore Brixham Hill, to 200m on the Bull Ring, cut through by the Raven fountain, out to and up #Bagpipe Hill, and in around the back of Lance to the parking lot by the fitness trail.
  • 0525 – Dynamic exercises commenced with the usual.
  • 0530ish – Explain the route – out towards Ballantyne Corporate, Right on the sidewalk (wouldn’t want to run in the bike lane WITH traffic), up #Bagpipe hill, turn at the bridge, back in through the front of Lance, and back around and down.
  • 1st Set – 3 rounds of Hard effort on the flat and hill.  Once at the top, recover back down to the lot and start the next round.  Regroup to the six after 3 rounds.
  • 2nd Set – Called exercise on the back patio wall behind Lance, then Hard run to the top of #Bagpipe, recover back to the porch where you do the next called exercise.  Exercises were Step Ups x20 each leg, Extended Step Ups (step back one yard from the wall and extend toward the wall to use more Hammy) x20 each leg, Jump Ups x20.  Regroup to the six.
  • One-Legged Squats (face away from wall, one leg on the top of the wall, squat) IC x8 Right and then IC x9 Left.
  • Mosey back out to Ballantyne Corporate towards Sara’s Y Hill to run Hard up, Recover Down until 0610.  Once discovering dropping temps were making the bottom of the hill sketchy, let’s pick up the mosey and head back to the Vine.
  • Repeats of the Vine Hill from the intersection to the power lines (2nd entrance to BofA) until time is called at 0615.
  • COT


  • Temps at the start had most water still liquid, but by the end of the workout, dropping temps made some areas troublesome.  #disclaimer
  • Bagpipe hill isn’t the steepest or longest hill in the area, but has a dry and decent sidewalk (that zig zag near the top being the exception) and well lit.  So, the exercises were necessary to give more effect to the legs and lungs.  Several PAX didn’t get the memo to take the “short lap” and instead did the full parking lot acceleration for a more realistic 2:00 Hard interval and 2:00 recovery on the 1st set.
  • Pretty surprising this morning to see several PAX that ran the Kiawah Half Marathon (Tuck, Gumbo, Frasier, Bunker) and Kiawah Marathon (Atlas, Das Boot) this past weekend out at Swift.  All of them seemed to at least temper their efforts (still fast for Frasier) and get in the recovery they needed.  Tuck was doing #fakeSwift his own modifications to get in the miles as he is headed toward a Marathon in March.
  • Transporter forgot his watch, so Thin Mint told him to stay with him all morning and that he could get credit on Strava for being there.  He didn’t tell Transporter that he was going to lead pretty much every hill segment, but Transporter gave a noble effort to stay with him as long as possible.  In the end, Transporter’s workout on Strava looked a lot like One Niners…hmmm…PAX-swap.
  • Woodson told Bunker that he has faked most of his 2,500+ miles this year to make Bunker feel like he could lead the moral victory to mileage king on South Charlotte Strava leaderboard, but then Woodson got pressured into signing up for Kiawah 2019 to prove that this is all going to pay off somewhere.  In turn, Bunker went out and created some Strava segments to hold the CR for the 1 runner that has ever completed them.
  • Solid group all PAX giving their full efforts up #Bagpipe hill.  Great to see Jello out there – hope you can make this a regular, Rock Thrill beginning another resurgence, Wild Turkey has been picking it up and YHC will show up to his next Swift Q, Meatloaf getting back into the swing of things after a Fall race, and PaperJam is still #notarunner – there’s always 2019!



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