General Othello leads the Spartans

General Othello leads the Spartans

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YHC was asked by Gypsy to take the lead Q on the Spartan this week. So, in preparation, I laid out a plan for a five mile run with some pain mixed in. Six Pax in total dared to brave the cold and become stronger (ISI). It went something like this…..

The Thang
At 0530 I gave a lousy disclaimer, then to warm us up we did the following:

SSH x20 (x denotes cadence)
Cotton Pickers x10
Merkins x10

Begin our mosey out of the parking lot, making a left on Trade, and another left on the Four Mile Greenway Trail. Mosey through the trail to Squirrel Lake Park. Once in the park we stopped by the first exercise station and did: Low Flutters x10 & Merkins x10.

We then ran out of the park, turning right on the trail making our way to John Street. Once there we did: Low Flutter x12, Merkins x12.

We ran all the way up John Street where our faster runners took off ahead and we met up at the corner of Trade and John in front of Zab’s Place. Once there we did, you guessed it: Low flutters x10, Merkins x10.

I led the Pax into Matthews Station, around the library/Town Hall, made a right on Matthews Station and a right on E. Matthews, left on McLeod, left on Matthews-Mint Hill Road and waited on the corner of MMHR and Trade. While waiting for the six we did Air Squats (I changed it up 😉)

We all headed down Trade St., crossed over John St., made a left on Sadie and took the furthest entrance on the right to the First Baptist Parking lot. There we snaked through the parking lot islands and meandered our way to the parking lot. I circled us around the parked cars for a little
more distance and was then promptly “Q-jacked” for another lap because someone’s watch didn’t display the correct mileage (time to buy a new watch).

YHC still had a few minutes left on the clock so I took the Pax to some nearby stairs and showed them MECA’s version of “reverse-spiderman’s”. Afterward, we ended with a little broga stretching and met up with the AREA 51 PAX for ……


Announcements: The Gremlin is Coming! The Gremlin is Coming! 1/19/19, 6am-12 @ UNCC

COT – Madoff took us out (?)

Naked Moleskine
1. Thanks to Gypsy for nominating me to take the lead. It is a very humbling experience to lead men you have never met before but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger….I think.

2. Great running that morning, you guys are fast. Kudos to Joker ..strong!

3. Enjoy the “reverse-spidermans”, use them in your next lead as you have a lot of steps around there that could use a little attention.

4. Merry Christmas to all Pax if I don’t see you before the holiday. I look forward to posting there again soon. If you ever feel like travelling one morning, come up to The Vet or Pain at Bain in Mint Hill – open invitation.

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