No Frisbee Friday

No Frisbee Friday

8 for a full body blast on the plush campus of Charlotte Christian.


Brief disclaimer and mosey around the CC parking lot for COP: 15 xSSH IC, LSS x15 IC, Hillbillies x15 IC, mountain climber x15 IC, Peter Parker x15 IC, diamond merkins x15 IC, plankorama. Asked PAX if they were warm and response was ‘getting there’, which translated to 5 burpees OYO.

The Thang:

Mosey to football field and line up on the goal line. Suicides with 5 burpees at the goal line and 10 merkins at each 10 yard marker. Flutter to catch our breath.

Next line of work is 11s on the hill behind the end zone. Jump squats at the top with CDDs at the bottom. Dolly, LBC, J-lo’s afterwards.

Partner up with P1 going to the playground doing called exercise while P2 runs to the parking lot and back, flapjack 3x. Exercises were pull-ups, lunges, dips.

Just made it through 3 rounds thanks to the minute of extra credit the PAX put in.


Great crew on a brisk morning. Apparently this was supposed to be an ultimate Frisbee day, sorry fellas, didn’t get the memo. On paper this didn’t sound as bad as it was but there was no complaining, just guys putting in solid work ahead of the weekend. Everybody logged just under 2.5 tough full body beatdown miles.

Thanks to Header for the takeout and to Laronda for the opportunity to lead these fine men on a TGIF morning.





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GummyPosted on4:10 pm - Dec 7, 2018

Just commenting to let it be known that I intended to post at this workout. I even laid out my workout gear. I was still up coughing at midnight, so I thought better of it. Next time. Looks like a solid workout – mediocre backblast though, particularly with the phrase, “…on the hill behind the end zone.” You shall refer to that “hill” by her proper name, “Grandmother Mountain”. That thing is awful. If you don’t already have an achilles injury, that’s a great place to get one started.

    PurellPosted on5:25 pm - Dec 7, 2018

    You were there in spirt Gummy and your presence was felt, hence the SSH call. Thank you for the mediocre rating of the BB, I thought it was below average at best… just was inspired to get it out the same day – typically a 3 day lag for me. what’s the story behind g’ma mountain? only my second time to joust so i’m not privy to the OG lingo.

GummyPosted on5:48 pm - Dec 7, 2018

As I recall, we launched Joust around BRR time, so Grandfather Mountain was on everyone’s mind. Fun fact, for the first few months, everyone had to sign a waiver before the workout. I’m sure those are still legally binding. Hawks Nest tried that too.

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