18 men and one Shovel Flag posted for the Centurion.  Temps were a balmy 32 degrees and no wind.  A great morning before the massive onslaught of snow, ice, sleet, hail, lighting, fury, meteors, and general mayhem hits this weekend.  Hopefully you loaded up on bread and milk on the way home.  Some early chatter about temps and appropriate glove wear.  Mermaid has 6 sets of gloves.  The man’s hands stay clean, warm, and soft to the touch no matter what the conditions are outside.  Personally I go with lightweight gloves below 50, heavy weight mechanics gloves below 35ish.  Maybe some glove liners in the 20’s and full on ski gloves below 15.

Rapper’s Delight, with the metabolism of a 21 year old, kept it simple with just a light weight t-shirt and fingerless weight lifting gloves this morning.  At the opposite end of the spectrum you had Chelms who had a sheet, blanket, comforter, footy pajamas, and possibly also an electric blanket.  That’s what I am assuming, because he didn’t post.

5:29, light disclaimer, pretty much only veterans left this time of year.  5:30 mosey.

Run the ramps to the top of the deck for COP in Cadence.

  • SSH x 20 (The infectious skipping of the SSH continues to grow but I will not be deterred.  I’ll assume these same men are also installing hand rails in the bathtub at their house, just to be safe.)
  • Mountain Climbers x 20
  • Low Slow Squats x 20
  • Merkins x 20
  • Plank for instructions

The Thang:

Choose a partner.  Size does not matter.  Speed does not matter.  Integrity matters!

Mosey to small lot behind stadium.

Round 1:

P1 – Max WWII Sit-ups while P2 Runs

P2 – Runs around stadium

Confirm your rep count with partner.


Round 2:

Repeat Round 1, but the race is on.  If runner returns before the other partner equals or beats his sit-ups then sitter-upper must complete 10 burpees.  If Sitter-Upper meets or equals his previous count then runner does 10 burpees.  Winning partner planks and watches the burpees with victorious glee.

Round 3:

Like Round 1, but with max merkins.  WARNING:  Don’t assume the rules are the same and sandbag your merkin effort!

Round 4:

(After a brief polling to gauge merkin effort, the target was set at 110 merkins.)

P1 – Must hit 110 total merkins between his first round and second efforts, prior to P2 returning from run.  Failure to complete 110 Merkins in time = 10 Burpees.   If completed P2 (runner) does 10 burpees.


Winning partner planks and watches the burpees with victorious glee.

Now if you sandbagged the first round of Merkins the second round got that much harder.  Integrity!


Plank up, instructions were to find another partner between here and the time we mosey to the parking deck.

Starting in center of lower level, both partners complete 10 Hand Release Burpees, run opposite directions and up stairs, meet in the middle-ish part of the top level for 10 Hand Slap Merkins.

Goal was 3 rounds.  Didn’t make the final stair climb due to time, but did get in the 3rd round of Hand Release Burpees which there was much excitement about.  Hand Release Burpees = Integrity

Mosey back to launch, with and extra climb of the stairs for good measure.



I stole and slightly modified the Sit-Up races from Tolkien last week.  A little friendly competition, even if it’s you vs. you maintains Integrity.  Sometimes it’s easier to just mail it in, but you aren’t accelerating.

Strong work out there by all today.  Guys run a lot faster out there when they know there is a burpee penalty on the line.  Lorax was smoking it.  Clearly not wanting to do Burpees.  Mermaid knocked out 90 Merkins in round 1 and then wished his partner Checkpoint good luck, as he only had to complete 20 more to be victorious.  Speaking of Checkpoint, he just got home from ~3 months in Annapolis (Fun Fact:  I proposed to my wife there.) watching Maverick play football.  Still a beast.  Also good to see Flutie back from up north.  This was basically summer temps for him.

The plus side of F3 Expansion to support more men is that I now have a few AO’s very close to my house.  The downside is that I haven’t spent as much time with my west side brothers as I should.  Will fix that for 2019.  Thanks to Margo and Mermaid for the invite and hospitality.  I look forward to my next opportunity.  It sounded like there was some disappointed PAX when I didn’t show up with plates or sandbags.

Lastly, with less than 3 weeks until Christmas, spend a little time today thinking about how you can fill the wish list of a child or family who is less fortunate than you.  If you need help in identifying a family reach out to some guys.  I can help as well as our 3rd F Q, Snowflake and 3rd F Emeritus, Hops.  Certainly others out there as well!


Announcements – Dec 21 Centurion will either be a run or a Quality Control Check on Margo’s Christmas lights.   Follow slack and look at the calendars for adjustments.

Prayers:  Huggie Bear and Cooter both having significant surgery next week.  Also prayers continued healing for Hannibal’s M who just had surgery on Tuesday.



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Chelms aka TatertotPosted on3:55 pm - Dec 7, 2018

Bring it on – I deserve it.

Dr Belding could have come to my defense and noted I did Octagon on Tuesday, KB workout Wednesday, and Fishing Hole yesterday but my new neighbor was not so neighborly. There is no real excuse (no alarm fail, no injury, etc) – just lazy. And to make things worse I missed Check Points return. On the bright side – this workout surely was a smoker and I don’t have time for a nap today.

    AlfPosted on4:05 pm - Dec 7, 2018

    Well – not creative, but truthful. Still would have preferred to have you out with us for some real live #mumblechatter Backblast shaming only meant to improve attendance!

      Chelms aka TatertotPosted on5:56 pm - Dec 7, 2018

      The truth is I woke up at 4:45 to get in an early run since your Q’s are usually easy. Stopped on the way out of neighborhood to help a little old lady change a flat tire (Dr Belding drove right by without stopping to help – #wrong). Then I got pulled over by the po po for trying to make up time. Before he could write the ticket the policeman got a call to come handle an attempted break in at Shoe’s house (on the way from my house) and of course I had to go make sure our man was ok. Having not see Shoe in several weeks, I had to stick around a bit to catch up – can’t be rude.

      Finally made it to Centurion at 6:30 and everyone was gone.

HopsPosted on4:08 pm - Dec 7, 2018

Thought maybe Chelms missed due to being on his way to Bladen & Robeson Counties (old stomping grounds) to investigate mail-in vote “irregularities” in the NC09 congressional election. What a mess. Integrity, you say? Unfortunately, there’s precious little traffic these days on the integrity road.
Speaking of another kind of integrity…(TMI alert)…the integrity of the flesh on my backside was compromised with all the old-school sit-ups. Sweet mercy! Lorax and Scabby tried to warn me. One promise for my Q next week at Centurion: No old-school sit-ups, knee-ups, Heels to Heaven or LBC’s. The 2nd promise is that we won’t wait for Chelms if he’s not shown up by 0530 regardless of HC, SC or VC.
That hurt Alf, and not just the coccyx.
Other sundry observations:
* Brilleaux changed his squat form since Wednesday at Anvil. No hands on hips…so proud.
* Something died inside of Snuka and made an attempt to crawl out on the stairwell. Yikes!
* Checkpoint had to re-introduce himself to the Centurion pax this morning
* Alf said he has a partially constructed shovel flag he would give me for Hawks Nest…Merry Christmas!

    Chelms aka TatertotPosted on6:04 pm - Dec 7, 2018

    I grew up in Columbus County. Complete integrity there (at least it was at one time). Also, there was no HC (or SC/VC) and PAX has never had to wait on YHC (I always leave early).

MermaidPosted on4:15 pm - Dec 7, 2018

Man, those WWII situps have got my right backside sore as heck. Always have to protect the coccyx so must favor one side. Abs were sore before the end of the workout. 106 of those is all it took for me today. Likely have to explain the bruising to the M by tomorrow. As expected, Alf brought a beatdown and some integrity to the fine crew at Centurion. Awesome to have Checkpoint back in the gloom and to have Flutie in for a visit. Lorax dropped into 6th gear on that 1st integrity run. Chelms, come on man. Get your @ss out of bed. Your bro was out there tearing it up. Hops up next week.

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