This Escalator Only Goes Up

This Escalator Only Goes Up

‪19 came to Swift this week. Some ran intervals, some tapered for Kiawah, some did a mix, none were fakers‬. Here’s what we did.


We followed the pre-blast almost to a T

0500 – optional warmup
0515 – leave from the Vine, follow warmup route down parking lot, across Btyne Corp Place and around loop to Rushmore and Harney
0525 – dynamic warmup/stretching on Rushmore
0532 – begin intervals (below) on loop pictured below. at end of every work interval recover to the 6, then continue around the loop for recovery and next work interval
0609 – intervals done, return to the Vine using whatever route you like

Intervals (all at t-pace)
6 x 1 min, 1 min recovery (12 minutes)
3 x 2 min, 1 min recovery (9 minutes) – 2 minute recover after the last one
2 x 3 min, 2 min recovery (10 minutes)
1 x 6 min, recover home we are done (6+ minutes) (ouch)



Two groups today. One group pushing through the intervals. The other, smaller group was tapering for Kiawah and ran the loop with us doing various amounts of intervals and/or strides. Made for great encouragement and 2F as we kept the six in tow with our recoveries and all stayed pretty close together. Well, everyone except Mario who was doing his own thing running around in different circles than our big loop (nothing new here).

The intervals ascending in time while staying the same pace proved to be brutal. While you were getting used to pushing for one amount of time, you got to ponder how much the next, longer intervals were going to hurt. The only drawback was that by starting with the shortest interval we all went out faster than t-pace and had to suck it up and try to hang the rest of the morning. Woodson was especially guilty as the leader of the first three 1-minute intervals — his bright orange hat a self-described beacon of hope for us to follow.

Come to Swift. It’s awesome. Fast or slow. Runner or not. We will take you in and make you a better/faster/stronger runner and will not leave you behind.

Good luck to everyone running Kiawah this weekend!!

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