Rebel Yell Polar Plunge

Rebel Yell Polar Plunge

16 PAX for a frigid RY Bootcamp.  Will someone please donate a sweatshirt, hat and some gloves to Chunder.


Wear gloves.. we will be on the frozen pavement quite a bit.  Chunder ignores.


We start 30 seconds early to keep warm and run circles around the car waiting for Mr. Reliable aka The Toy Collector aka Escobar…. and he’s a no show so we Mosey on.   Circling up and standing in place didnt seem like a great way to stay warm, so we aimlessly ran around and performed called out exercises…..

  1. forward & backward arm circles
  2. high knees
  3. butt kicks
  4. shuffle right and then left

Then we circled up for some quick SSH, Carolina DD, Mountain Climbers, Merkins, and last, more Mt. Climbers


Station #1:  Movie Theater Parking Lot (Grab a Partner)

  • Round 1:
    • P1:  Run to the end of parking lanes
    • P2: Perform 2 Burpees at each parking stall until P1 returns
  • Round 2:
    • P1:  Run to the end of parking lanes
    • P2: Perform 3 Jump Squats at each parking stall until P1 returns

Various plank positions in between each round – no rest

I was thankful that Doc was quick to mention this was a baby version of what Mary Kay did last week…. and then continued to complain about how this was sooo much easier than last week!

Station #2: The Fountain

Grab a different Partner, but only for purposes of splitting the group in half

  • Exercise 1: Dips x 25
    • Run a lap around both buildings
  • Exercise 2: Derkins x 25
    • Run a lap around both buildings
  • Exercise 3: Box Jumps x 25
    • Run a lap around both buildings
  • Exercise 4: Low Squats x 25
    • Run a lap around both buildings
  • Exercise 5:  Get with your partner and complete Exercises 1-4 with no laps

Station #3: 1-Minute Max Reps

  • Merkins: P1 counts, P2 max merkin reps in 60 seconds
    • Flapjack
  • Sit-ups: P1 counts, P2 max full sit up reps in 60 seconds
    • Flapjack

It was determined that everyone cheated in some capacity so no winner was declared. Everyone does 5 Burpees on their own.

Station #4:  Balls to the Wall, Bear Crawl up grassy Hill, Crawl-Bear down, Back into Balls to the Wall

This was one of those ideas that sounded good while I sat on the couch and thought about what to do at the end of a workout.   Bucky gave the group a fair warning that the grass would be flooded.  Only 50% of the group listened and I was not one of them.    I proceeded to step in ankle deep slushy water, then bear crawl up a frozen wet hill, and ultimately slid back down.   Awful idea and a terrible way to end.   Bad move all around.

Overall, we logged 2.25 miles and stayed fairly warm for 43 minutes of the workout.

#CountORama / #NameORama 

16 PAX & zero FNG


  1. Cooter (leg tumor) and Huggy Bear (brain tumor) both have their surgeries on Tuesday 12/11 – please reach out to them to let them know you’re thinking about those guys next week.
  2. Rebel Yell is looking for Q’s.  Reach out to Mary Kay and War Eagle.  They take $15 via Paypal. For charity of course

– Tagalong 

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