Old School Gear…or just old a*s gear

Old School Gear…or just old a*s gear

For Genesis, we took it back old school. No not Genesis 1:1 “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” However, I did wear a fanny pack and those went out of style in the 80’s so we did go back pretty far for us…well at least for me #notamillennial #overripefruit

Any-who, this is what we did:

  • Short mosey through the walkway to the back part of Banana Republic. We were only window shopping.
  • Quick 20 count of SSH and IW
  • Warm up mosey around building to finish back at the fountain for the main course
  • Main Course: 3 ~ 50 lb. logs for 3 men. Circuit work called.
    • 1st round we’ll do 50 dips then shoulder log and run down around playground, over to the Brixx side and back to start.
    • 2nd round called for 50 decline merkins then a lap with the log
    • 3rd round called for 50 incline merkins then a lap with the log
  • Main Course #2: same 3 round circuit with different exercises
    • 1st round – thrusters with logs then run same path but sans log. We did 50…er 25 this time
    • 2nd round – overhead press x 50 with log then around the path sans log
    • 3rd round – bench press x 50 with log then around same path.
  • Palate cleanser: jog around dormant Bermuda grass area with various movements
    • 1st lap – backwards
    • 2nd lap – Karaoke
    • 3rd lap – karaoke flapjack
    • 4th lap – butt kickers
  • Final Course: return logs to truck and grab 2 brick pavers each. At grassy area directions were given.
    • Bear Crawl with bricks 10 yards out then 10 diamonds merkins with bricks
    • Crab Walk 10 yards back then wide arm merkins (also with bricks)
    • Side walk with bricks 10 yards out then 10 regular merkins (continue with bricks)
    • Side walk flap jack 10 yards back then man-maker merkins (unfortunately still with bricks)
  • Finished 30 seconds early. No complaints heard.


  • Blakovery pax were jealous of our swoleness (yes that’s a word. Per Wiktionary: The state, quality, or condition of being swole)
  • I’m still sore today (Thursday)
  • I missed posting to bootcamps. My back held up; now I just have to quit being lazy.
  • General is a beast. Not sure he broke a sweat.
  • One-Niner wasn’t far behind however. He said at the end of the workout that he broke a sweat. #satisfactionguaranteed


  • COTS is in need of winter clothing. Socks are the most requested item.


Thank you guys for letting me lead you this morning. It was fun and I can only now move my arms without pain. I’ll be there again with you on Monday unless we are in #snowmageddon #needaccountability #heartbreaker?

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