I know Art. And thanks for noticing.

I know Art. And thanks for noticing.

13 men assembled in an elementary school parking lot at 5:30 this morning. For such a cold morning, the pregame fellowship was impressive. Discussion topics included Hopper’s white tights, Semi’s prerun, my birthday festivities the night before, and Sprockets not riding a bike to the workout.

Sleepy rolled in right at 5:30 and off we went. Mosey to the back field (after another delay to gather Thunder Road), then warmup through varying exercises and methods to traverse the field. I appreciated Semi’s constant edification during the early part of the workout. Down the spooky trail which was quite dark this morning – I may have missed the turn. Then gather at the foot of the hill back there for the Triple Nickel.

Recover with a little Mary, then AYG down the road, bang a left then to that road at the stop sign where we usually do stuff. (Probably 800 yards total). Ugh. Recover again with a little Mary.

Muster at the intersection looking up towards Rea Rd. Modified suicides – up two road humps (10 monkey humpers), back one road hump (10 HR merkins). Continue up to Rea Rd. Recover there with some Mary. Yog over to the newer benches around the tree and partner up. Partner 1 runs around the track. Partner B does the exercise. We just did two rounds with derkins and dips, then finished off the time with a little more Mary, including Prairie Fire Mary which is a winter-only exercise for me because of where sweat would drip from.

Other commentary:
– Hopper stained his white tights with a loud blast during the first suicide. Mercy.
– One Eye and Sprockets were out front all morning, with Marge close behind.
– Every time I post with BOG, I tell people all day that I worked out with an Olympic silver medalist.

Sprockets has first full-length Q next week at Hawks Nest (Hawk’s Nest? Hawks’ Nest?) next week. Does Latin have a good sledding hill if we get 8 inches of snow on Monday?

Good work this morning, boys. I’ve been out sick for over a week; it was good to get back out there with the guys. Thanks for posting in the cold.

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HopsPosted on8:53 pm - Dec 6, 2018

Just out trolling about, so thought I’d comment. You ask a great question on the correct punctuation or not for Hawks Nest. Perhaps no apostrophe is the right way to go?! We also need a shovel flag there…along with every other AO except Centurion.

Speaking of punctuation, you forgot the hyphens in La-Z-Boy, and the apostrophe in Puddin’ Pop.
Miss posting at Hydra – Thursday is a no-go for me.

Did Gummy do his 45 burpees?

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