Chase the Paper

Chase the Paper

So I sent a simple pre-tweet with a little kid chasing some toilet paper down a hill so he could achieve his ultimate goal….  Will come back to that


Proper Disclaimer given and off down hill Stop at the street 5 burpees, stop at the road,  10 Burpees

WU:  20SSH, 15 CC and something else can’t remember

The Thang:  5 Stations with Running half the lot as timer

Station 1- Worm Burners and Burpees

Station 2- Standing Reach with bar

Station 3  Smash balls

Station 4 KB Swing

Station 5 come back with the timer

Run back hit with a few more burpees and some Mary to finish on time


Moleskin: Chasing the paper, gear work is really up to you and you alone,  you really can just “get by” if you want to and honestly I have had times I have struggled with that myself. Its why I strive to find someone that will challenge me and push me, and why I set mental goals for myself while I work out. So, as I have done these in the past, the first round you should really push your self hard and hit a number.  Grab the biggest KB and see what you can do in the minute or so you have,  20,21 swings…. Great but next time set time around set a goal and beat that number, then the 3rd time even higher, chase that paper and set it so that your working your ass off. If your not gassed at the end of a gear work out, its your fault.  The motivation has to come from you…  And since your up at 5AM anyways  you mite as well make it worth your time.

Notable mentions- REcalculating and Frack are real men- I am not I admit it- both wearing t shirts and frack didn’t even have gloves

Frack decided that doing summer saults over the plate was more effective then pushing it

All put in a solid effort and I am looking forward to seeing more plate working in a couple weeks at Chiseled

Moneyball is relentless with Back blasts!

It was fun to q today! Thanks for the invite MB



Bible study Sunday mornings- DM Bottlecap for Details

Effe’s? party Tomorrow night for WUC

Bring Hoodies and pants to Bottlecap for Church on the street

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