Skip Day at Anvil. Skipping the 1st F is bad, skipping the 2nd F is worse.

Skip Day at Anvil. Skipping the 1st F is bad, skipping the 2nd F is worse.

A few years ago, I suggested to my oldest brother that he start doing something physically active to take care of himself.  I said, “You could just skip rope to start.”  He replied, “Skip rope?  I need to start by skipping dinner.”  For those of us older pax, we recognize you can’t outwork a bad diet; but a bad diet and fartsacking is a deadly combination.

Since Centurion apparently has the only shovel flag in central/western Area 51 (perhaps all of Area 51, but I never go east of Providence Road) – we launched without Old Glory fluttering in the humpday gloom.  We launched late. #cobains  YHC lost his Garmin weeks ago.  Will be replacing it before my next Q.  Though no need for a Garmin, neither the expense nor the functionality as I never tracked my distance anyway. #makebootcampsgreatagain

Incidentally, neither site Q (Lorax & Brushback) had a watch either.  Had to call them out…again..after calling them out on the Twitterverse earlier.  Mermaid to the rescue. He told YHC we launched late and told us when we were finished.  Incidentally, he would have made the same announcements even if I had a watch on.  Another announcement: Brushback is co-site Q of Anvil.  That was an announcement to me….probably yesterday’s news tomorrow for most of you.


On to The Thang with the Moleskinny interspersed:

COP with Squats (Low – assumed and slow – better for you…I think), IW’s, H-R Merkins (as if you should do them any other way #makeformgreatagain), Flutters, something else maybe?

Shout out to Prohibition for a few things: his flatulence was IC during the IW’s which was helpful since only Snowflake was actually counting IC.  Much obliged.  Also, for those of you not in the liquor business nor a constitutional scholar – Prohibition announced during some rock work that today marks the 85th anniversary of the death of prohibition.  True story.  December 5, 1933.  Incidentally, in between trying to force everyone on the wagon (1919) and then allowing all to legally jump off if they so choose (1933) — our great nation actually let women start voting (1920).  That one only took us 132 years.

Enough of the history lessons.

After COP – we ran to the hot box for called exercises on the picnic tables while one pax would jump rope (100 reps).  Rope skipper = our timer.  All the pax took a turn at the 100 skips.  While I didn’t watch too carefully, judging from the time and assuming integrity in the count – Hammer & Scabby won awards during their elementary school  “Jump Rope for Heart” fundraiser.  Nice work.  And Scabby was late, not that anyone assumed he was on time.

Speaking of late – Scratch and Leprechaun were late as well.  This is why YHC refused the clown car invitation last night.  No hard feelings fellas.  Hammer refuses the neighborhood clown car because he doesn’t like us, and neither does his truck.  That’s why he parks it at least 50 feet from any other vehicle or person.

We then moved on to the kitty litter and swings for some more exercises timed by the designated skipper.  Got many compliments on the physical integrity of my rope.  Should I be concerned that Puddin’ complimented it more than once?

Hopper is a steady, almost-worthy-of-respect pax.  The “behoodied” one gets it done…but the hoodie may be steadier than you my friend.

Ickey was there, and I’m not 100% sure, but I think I heard him mumbling about a retirement MMA fight or somesuch between Urban Meyer and Nick Saban when Saban retires….assuming he does so before he dies.

After the kitty litter, we moved on to the rock work.  Snuka, who still out-runs 90% of the pax who are 50% of his age, shamed YHC into grabbing a larger lifting rock.  Thank you very little.

We then ran over to the gym building for some People’s Chair and some incline and decline Mary.

Then over to a parking lot where we did some merkins and dry dock work with some side plank and sprints mixed in to the recipe.

Finished with some Mary, timed again by a jump-roper.

This is when the funniest comment of the morning took place.  As the last rope skipper of the day, Utah exclaimed, “If I’d have known I’d be doing so much rope-jumping, I would have worn my sports bra!” #moobs #fia

That was fun fellas.  Thanks for putting up with YHC and another unorthodox Q that took us less than 1.3 miles (as per Hopper, I think?).  You’re welcome.


On a more serious note…..I typically end this way…not that anyone reads this far down as I always write far too much:

Reach out to your fellow pax who you haven’t seen/heard from in a while.  We have pax going through vicious storms in their lives, such as Huggie Bear (brain tumor – Dec. 11 surgery), Hannibal’s M (cancer surgery yesterday on the heels of his father’s death a couple weeks ago), Cooter (also having cancer surgery on Dec. 11).  And these are pax that have not fallen away from this fellowship.  Please reach out.  If someone pops into your mind, I daresay it may be the prompting of Holy Spirit (I know that’s weird for some of you) to reach out to that person.  What are you afraid of?  Life, friendship/fellowship can get messy, but that’s why we need each other.

I’m thankful for this unique fellowship, men.  I can’t count how many times one of you reaching out to me has been more timely than you can imagine.

Iron does, indeed, sharpen iron. (Proverbs 27:17), but I often go to another Proverb when thinking of this fellowship we call F3.

Proverbs 17:17

A friend loves at all times,
    and a brother is born for a time of adversity.

I love you guys.  Yep, I typed it.  And I mean it.  Deal with it.

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VoodooPosted on4:31 pm - Dec 5, 2018

A strong backblast for what sounds like a strong beatdown (although the actual exercises and counts were notably absent). True words at the bottom as well. Thanks for what you bring to F3, Hops.

Per my tweet yesterday, I knew the TR mention was #fakenews. I do think we need to set up a bounty program for those pax re-EHing wayward former pax members.

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