The Exicon

The Exicon

17 Pax joined me for a pretty good beatdown. Usually when I Q we run a lot but today I wanted to change it up. We only hit 1.8 miles, a new low for me.  I went to the Exicon and pulled out a few new items that I knew would be challenging to myself and the other Pax.  Would be cool if each Q would introduce one new exercise during the workout, I plan to each time I Q.

I arrived around 5:05 to scope out the distances of various parking lots and the Target lot from the front towards Pet Smart was just right.

Dana was already at the AO when I arrived but I wasn’t sure if he was catching up on GroupMe or just excited about the bear crawls, burpees and merkins to come. Pretty sure it was GM.

All the pax rolled in at 5:25 like they were qualifying for NASCAR, I almost thought they boycotted my Q – they probably wished they did! One Star and his clown car posse rolled in as we were making our first mosey. I knew things were going to get hard so I didn’t make them catch us, we turned and ran to them… you’re welcome. Let’s do this!


Short slow mosey to target parking lot.  I wanted to conserve energy for I knew what was coming.  Zin would be proud, I actually planned my Weinke today!!

  • 50 SSH IC – Doughboy came out of the gate doing two SSH to my one… I warned him to pace himself.
  • Runners lunge – Flapjack

The Thang:

  • 10 Bodybuilders OYO – Look it up in the Exicon
  • Run 1,2,3 – Originally Bear 1,2,3 – 100 Merkins, 200 LBC, 300 Squats
    • P1 runs across the lot to the front of Target and Back
    • P2 does exercise. Plank when done.

Jingles, Posse and Knish showed some speed today as they raced me a few times, nice work!

  • ATM’S – This is a good time to look at the Exicon
    • 50
    • 20
    • 10
  • Bear Crawl Snake – Ill give you this one.

Split into two groups. Planked up head to toe in a straight line with about a 4′ gap between each Pax.

Similar to an Indian Run, the last Pax did a weaving bear crawl in and out of the Pax to the front of the line. Continue until last Pax completes.  Rinse/Repeat in the other direction. We used about 1/3 of the parking lot, enough to get a good burn.

  • Black Jack – I called an audible on this, it burned a lot of time.
    • 1 merkin – Run across the lot, 20 LBC run back.  2 Merkins then 19 LBC keep increasing Merkin and decreasing LBC.  When I called recover I was at 10 LBC.  Shout out to Bottle Cap, he killed this exercise, nice work.
  • Circle Burp –
    • All Pax circled up – BIG Circle –
    • Pax chopped feet/ran in place.  One by one each Pax would say “Down” and all would do a burpee.  All the way around the circle…

Thanks, Doughboy for double Down!  I didn’t need that extra burpee.

  • Circle of Pain – I made that up
    • Each Pax called out an exercise and ran around the circle.  The Pax did the exercise until the runner was back.  All the way around.

This is a great exercise with a large group. With 18 Pax it took us 15 mins to complete the Circle Burp and the Circle of Pain…Not bad!

40 secs to go, AYG back to COT!  We didn’t really have much left in the tank but Dana decided he would turn it up so we were in almost a dead sprint back.  Nice work Dana, time for you to Q again.


The Moleskine:

Planning this workout last night I knew it would be tough.  Thanks a ton for the hard work today and zero complaints. I did get reprimanded by Cylent Dinners Don for high jacking the Circle Burp… I was beaten and the Bobby Hurly lover decided to pause on the Down and make us run in place, in my mind too long!!! I think the burpees were making him a bit foggy.  Nice work Recalculating!

Side Note:  We need to make a name tag for Krusty, he never remembers his name.


Clyent Dinner – Waxhaw Food Lion parking lot Thursday night 6:30-7:15 followed by Happy Hour. BC will be Qing in 2 weeks – Bring a headlamp

Prayers for Hooch and his family as his son undergoes surgury today.

EFFEES (Spell check that) Friday night Briarcrest Club House 8:00.






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