Impact of F3

Impact of F3


Disclaimer given and we were off. Mosey out of The Vine parking lot towards Ballantyne Medical Pl. Pull up for some COP: LSS x15 IC, IW x15 IC, 15 xSSH IC, mountain climber x15 IC, Parker Peters x15 IC, merkins x15 IC.

The Thang:

Continue mosey north on Ballantyne Medical Pl turning left on Brixham Hill Ave. stopping in the parking lot across from XPO Logistics. Instructions given to partner up, P1 runs length of parking lot (about 36 spaces) while P2 does 1 burpee per parking spot. Flapjack til all parking spots have been burpee’d. Thought about doing another round back better judgement save a possible mutiny.

Mosey across Brixham Hill to the pond (maybe this is called the Lochness?) where instructions for a deconstructed Murph workout were given:

10 hand slap merkins with your partner

P1 runs clockwise, P2 counterclockwise (Wild Turkey and Shrinkwrap are still arguing about the right direction) til you meet for 10 more HS merkins

Continue down the fitness trail to the pull-up bars for 10 pull ups and 3 squats

Run back around the pond in the direction you were going and do it all over again from the top

5x through for 100 HS merkins, 50 pulls ups, 150 squats

Time remaining was less than YHC had planned so did the Beast (6 reps at 6 stations for 6 rounds) at the 6 lights on the east side of the pond. Pain stations were:

1 CDDs

2 Lunges

3 Diamond merkins

4 Jump squats

5 Knee Ups

6 Burpees

Mosey back to launch with a couple minutes to spare so we all did Tag-along’s 6 burpees at the end of his Beast round and plankorama.


YHC had been on the Stonehenge calendar back in late October but blew out my ankle 2 days before. Cheese curd stepped up and grabbed my Q which allowed me to get another date. On Wednesday, Wild Turkey messaged me asking if I was good to go but warned that the SOB holiday party was the night before and the weather might be dicey so attendance could be low. YHC had only posted at the AO once before so was relatively unfamiliar with the territory and wanted to get a pre-run in at 5:30 to scout. Wild Turkey always seems to be down for the pre-run, but I had an emergency bathroom stop as I was leaving my house this AM cost me enough time to just miss running with him. So we each pre-ran solo, although YHC finished with less than 30 seconds til the start leaving the PAX thinking they were Q-less. The pure joy disappointment on their face as I came slogging up the hill was real, but they all eagerly went out and got after it. Great work men, it was an honor to lead.

Thanks to Cooter for the takeout.

Thanks to Wild Turkey and Nard Dog allowing me to lead.

Impact of F3

F3 has made such a positive impact on my life in so many ways but it’s always amazing to hear about the impact it has on others. After coffeeteria I got to talk to Cooter for a bit about his journey. He started getting into F3 last spring and had his VQ in May with a rowdy Rock Zero crowd of 25+ PAX. Shortly after, he discovered a lump on his knee and got it checked out. Two doctor visits later and they told him not to worry about it but just keep an eye out. He got it looked at again and the 3rd doctor disagreed and wanted to take action. Now 6 months later and he has undergone surgery and radiation to treat what was discovered as cancerous all the while losing 15 pounds from working out in the gloom. He hasn’t stopped posting and has what is hopefully one final surgery next week to remove the remainder, and could only be sidelined as little as 6-8 weeks. Had he never posted at F3 he said he would not have noticed the lump. Had he not further developed the ability to push himself through discomfort at a hard workout or the resiliency it takes to get up before 99% of the world to go work out in inclement conditions, the doctor said the process and pain would have been much worse. The doctor encouraged him to keep pushing himself at these workouts and Cooter credits F3 with helping him immensely in this battle. We all do F3 for different reasons, and those reasons may even ebb and flow, but one thing is for sure… we all do F3 for the impact it makes on our life which in turn creates an impact on someone else’s life. I challenge all the F3 PAX to keep aiming to make an impact, big or small, it will pay dividends. Hats off to Cooter for continuing to push through in difficult times and leverage all 3 F’s to make a discernable impact on he and his family’s life. Thoughts and prayers for you next week.


Keep Huggie Bear in your prayers, he is having surgery next week to remove a brain tumor believed to be benign.

Speed for Need is getting ready for 2019 season, get in touch with Gypsy to get involved.





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