Sandbags and Bitching

Sandbags and Bitching

4 men showed up for the 5:00 pre-run. It was decided that the flat route would be the choice of the day. One Man did some laps around the lot at 5:15.

Meet back at 5:30 for the main event. One man leaves and 3 men arrive.

Pull the sandbags from YHC’s truck, mighty’s car and One-Niner’s SUV and get moving.

Head over to the playground for a warm-up.

25 x SSH IC

10 x Windmills IC

5 x sandbag burpees IC

Head over to the monkey bars for three rounds of exercises with a lap in between.

round 1.

10 Pull-ups

20 Bent over rows with sandbags

1 lap

Round 2.

10 pull-ups

20 curls with sandbags

1 lap

round 3.

10 pullups

20 overhead tricep extensions with sandbags (bags to heavy someone will die, audible to big boy dips)

1 lap

Head over to the 3 concrete benches for sandbag step-ups. 10 per leg.

5 more IC sandbag burpees

20 bench squats over the concrete benches

Mosey over to the big flat icy area in the playground and get in one row. Toss your sandbag using your whole body to get an explosive throw. Rotate sandbags on YHC’s call.

Sandbag pulls with Bear Crawls. Same M.O. as above.

Grab your sandbag and mosey over to the batting cage and dump them in a pile. Head down to the bottom of the hill and complete a set of 7’s. Burpees at the bottom and Squats at the top.

Complete 20 IC dips on the bleachers while the 6 finishes up

Head over to the sandbag pile grab your sack and head to the walls at the launch point. Pile the bags up and get in a row for People’s chair. Send all the sandbags down to one end then send them back.


Head to the launch point just in time for 5 more IC sandbag burpees.



There was a lot of bitching today…. You know you don’t have to use sandbags, its cold, my fingers are numb, I don’t like heavy things, no you get the whale dick, blah, blah, blah.


We had plenty of sandbags (thanks One-Niner and Mighty for bringing yours out) although Ringer had to use my home made innertube sandbag (aka the whale dick). I think deep down he liked this as he was exempted from the overhead press in the burpees.

Cheddar got there for the pre-run ready for some hills…. we disappointed him and took our sorry asses to the easy flat route. Sorry Ched, next time for sure.

Cobbler found out he has a partially torn rotator cuff. He finds out if he needs surgery this week. Keep him in your prayers. The good thing is that he got some very sage medical advice from Ringer and One-niner. Dear god listen to your real doctor not these fools.

MT called out the 4:50 pre-run on slack and didn’t show up until we were gone, at 5:15. He supposedly ran a little. Also, he did not read the 3 warnings posted on social media about the sandbags. Too bad they don’t teach those boys to read at the University of SC.

Mighty worked so hard today he split the liner in his sandbag. Don’t worry this was not a GoRuck liner. So don’t email him about the SCARs warranty. I am talking to you Geraldo.

One-Niner has girly hands and has found that Physics does not apply to him, and if he combines two pairs gloves (running with bootcamp over them) his hands actually get colder.

Good to have General roll up late to the main event. His labia and cornea are healing very nicely…. if you were wondering they are connected.


As always a great time was had by the Arsenal gang. Many sack jokes were made by all. Come out and try it sometime you will get stronger and faster.

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MADPosted on2:38 pm - Nov 30, 2018

Sounds like a terribly awesome time out there in the gloom.

Glad General is healing, and I’m no eye doctor, and I’m no female doctor, but those 2 body parts – one is in the eye and one is a female body part nowhere near the eye, unless I’m wrong, ’cause I’m no eye doctor, and I’m no female doctor, just sayin’…

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