Dropping a Burpee Snake at The Floater

Dropping a Burpee Snake at The Floater

14 men conquered today’s edition of the The Floater. Here’s how they did it.


  • Mosey around the block to the laundromat atop Kim Jong Hill
  • COP in cadence – SSH x20, IW x15, LSS x10, Low slow merkin x15, Shoulder tap x15
  • Hold 6 inch plank while instructions given
    • Run down KJH, stopping at every light pole for 5 jump squats
    • Meet at the end of Church Street
  • Plank-o-rama
  • Cross Providence to the sidewalk, 5 jump squats every 3rd light heading towards Bojangles
  • Mary where the sidewalk ends
  • Cross to other sidewalk and mosey to Bojangles lot
  • Burpee Snake / Conga Line
    • Run up first row of parking spaces, 1 burpee at the end
    • Go around island and back down the next row, 2 burpees at the end
    • Continue ALL the way down the (rather large) parking lot finishing with 10 burpees (55 burpees total)
  • Line up abreast facing the long way down the lot
    • 5 Bobby Hurley
    • Lunge walk to next parking line
    • 5 HR merkin
    • Bear crawl to next parking line
    • Continue this pattern all the way to the end
  • Return home the way we came but 5 merkins at every light until Church Street
  • 5 Bobby Hurleys every post on Church Street until Kim Jong Hill
  • Sprint all the way up the hill
  • Mary at the laundromat
  • Hit the short walls to kill some time (Derkins x10, Right leg step up x15, Left leg step up x15)
  • Back home for 30 seconds of Mary with Transporter, COT and take-out



As always, I appreciate the invite to come down and lead this morning. Thanks for the solid turnout on a chilly morning. We managed to warm up pretty quickly, almost too much. It was a good thing when Transporter’s hood came down, not so good when Tupperware’s shirt came off. Luckily it stopped there. Any more burpees and he might have been down to his skivvies. #PG13

Heading to Bojangles felt like a long field trip while we were doing it, but we ended up with just over 2.3 miles which isn’t too bad after all. Probably warranted another trip or two up the hill. Saw the burpee train rolling by as I pulled into the lot this morning and was sad to have missed it. The merkin snake became the burpee snake and problem was solved.

A lot of strong work thrown down by the Western UC PAX today and very little (if any) complaining even though some of those calls definitely warranted it. I was asked to make the workout tough this morning and hope it lived up to expectations. The hard work at The Floater continues the next 3 weeks with Transporter, General_, and Bottlecap mounting the throne the next 3 weeks. Better stock up on your witch hazel. (I know I’m a grown man, but it never gets old).

Great seeing a bunch of familiar faces this morning as well as plenty of new faces as WUC continues to grow. Had a great time with you guys and look forward to seeing many of you at the Christmas party tomorrow.

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