Bourbon is a bad mixer for a Wienke.

Bourbon is a bad mixer for a Wienke.

Site Q swap and YHC can only hope that my Q will be half as good as my brother Sensie’s will be at Sparta today.  Considering he ran the BRR and kills it every time I have seen him at post, one can only imagine what those poor Spartans are in for…

~4:45AM Woke up due to a standard Thursday alarm..

~5AM all ready with 30 mins to get 15 mins away..Oh well.. I can make it to Sparta launch site and plant the flag before they head out.  Slightly worried about the temps keeping the pax away today and even sent Sensei a text last night as a preemptive “Just in case”.

~5:15AM Pulling into the AO and there stood more than few Spartans ready to start the day.  Cold be damned.. A51 MAtthews pax could care less about the cold.

~5:30AM Its Peak 51’s turn to launch

Disclaimer given and also admitted to being a Peak 51 FNG.


New favorite warm up exercise called out and Lois immediately begins the mumble chatter with his declaration of his love for the BLIMPS

B​​urpees:  5 OYO
L​​unges:  10 each leg OYO
I​​mperial Walkers: 15
M​​erkins: 20 Civilian Count
P​​lank Jacks: 25 OYO
S​​quats:  30 OYO

Mosey to parking lot


Perform one BLIMPS for additional warm up… would hate to pull a hammie during a beat down


4 corners to hit the big 3 (Legs, Abs, Chest)

Round 1 Squats 10 Bomb Jacks at center.

  • Corner 1:  10  Standard Squat 10
  • Corner 2:  10  Peg leg squats (5 each leg)BHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA… ok.. Freezing, 5:30 ish, and 2 BLIMPS in.. balance is not working very well. 
  • Corner 3:  10  WOJO squats
  • Corner 4:  10  Jump squats

Round 2 Sit-ups 10 Dolly’s at center.  How is it you can always find that one location in a GIANT parking lot that has that one small rock to dig into your tailbone.. There were 4 locations.. 4!!! I swear Lois was planting these rocks so I had no other choice but find them all.

  • Corner 1:  10  LBC
  • Corner 2:  10  WW2
  • Corner 3:  10  Reverse Crunch
  • Corner 4:  10  legs flat Big Boy

Round 3 Merkins 10 Dry Docks at center.  I am pretty sure Thumper must do Merkins in his sleep.. Dude can fly through some Merkins

  • Corner 1:  10  Wide arm
  • Corner 2:  10  Regular
  • Corner 3:  10  Narrow/Diamond
  • Corner 4:  10  Ranger

Perform one BLIMPS (friend should not  let Qs write a Weinke while consuming bourbon)

The Peak 51 PAX is warmed up now.. Sardine declares the crew is growing tired of YHC’s warm-up exercise and says it’s time to get to work.  Yes sir.. I agree.

Keeping warm was and moving was the object of the Q today..

Mosey up the hill to the back parking lot of the school.

Ladder 11s (always a crowd pleaser on a cold day and today was no exception.  Nobody is going to stay cold on my watch… no sir… not while we have open parking lots available and time still left before 6:15am)

  • 11 bomb jacks run to far end of lot 1 Dry Dock
  • 10 bomb jacks run to far end of lot 2 Dry Dock
  • Ect…
  • 1 bomb jacks run to far end of lot 11 Dry Dock
    LBC for the 6 or join the 6 to finish

Perform one BLIMPS modified to a NOPE (Bourbon got a little to happy with BLIMPS.. YHC thinks they may have something for each other)


Partner up:  Pax 1 does called exercise as partner 2 goes to far end and performs one burpee, returns and continues the count. (Thumper/Sardine, Lois/Gypsy, Bernie/Madoff)

  • 50 Merkins (Sure why not more merkins.. Only done eleventy-billion at this point.. What’s a few more?)
  • 150 Squats (Are you kidding me… why in the world is this one here.. We did a whole round in 4 corners and 30 during each BLIMP..I swear Gypsy did not write this Weinke.. It must had been his Bourbon drinking alter ego who is forever banned from writing a weinke)
  • 250 LBC (I got nothing… just remember thinking…its 25 degrees out and i’m sweating ridiculously.. it has to be close to 6:15 by now…)

Join the 6 to complete

Mosey back to the Launch site.

No time for Mary.

~6:15 DONE!!


Mumble Chatter was limited today and I think it was because the PAX was just a pissed at my Bourbon drinking Wienke writer as I was.  There are some wienkies you keep as a backup plan for future Q assignments and others you just burn. Well… it is cold outside and the fire pit needs help getting started…
The cold weather tends to reduce the pax numbers… but not in A51 Matthews area.  Thank you guys for sticking out with me this morning.  No way I could have finished it without the PAX.

Until next time.





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Best way to stay warm is just to run … – F3 South CharlottePosted on12:40 am - Nov 30, 2018

[…] Gypsy, a Sparta regular was Q for Peak today. Since we share a launch point we may do some additional Q swapping in the future. […]

Hair BandPosted on5:08 pm - Nov 30, 2018

Unless they changed the Exicon over the years, if there is a center you did a Starfish. Four courners would be running the square doing our normal stupid things at each corner. 🙂

GypsyPosted on9:42 pm - Nov 30, 2018

modify as needed..
it was cold so extra running was part if the plan..
plus ive never known a starfish to only have 4 legs. 😉

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