Is this really winter?

Is this really winter?

15 PAX decided to venture out in this balmy spell we were having in the 50’s to work off the turkey pounds.


The Warm Up

Disclaimer given and again in honor of Big 10, we circled up (no mosey), much to the dismay of many


Merkins x 15 IC

Mountain Climbers x 15 IC

Calf Stretch

Flutters x 15 IC


The Thang

Ahh finally a mosey.

Mosey to 1st light on path towards Transporter’s shed

5 Merkins at each light all the way to Transporter’s shed

(merkins/planks until 6 joins)


A brief recce of the site earlier with Good fella (pre jog not a pre-run) showed that the rock pile was dwindling but thanks to Ignition and Asylum we were fine.

Grabbing  a lifting rock the PAX circled to do some arm warm up exercises , 4 sets of bicep curls and Triceps extensions rotating clockwise after each set

Rounds of 20/10, 15/10, 10/10, 5/10


We then moseyed again to the roundabout behind the HS to do 7’s using both roundabouts. Merkins at the top roundabout and dry docks at the bottom.

(merkins/planks until 6 joins)


We moseyed to steps at the back of the HS for a Foundation special of calf exercises. The routine was 30 calf raises every step (In, out and straight). As always tehse things seem awesome on paper but varies in practice, an audible later changed it to every other step. The intent was for this to be done only once but Gator cub wanted second helpings (still in a thanksgiving mode apparently)


Mosey to front of the MS for partner work.

P1 runs short lap (not sure if it’s 1/4 or 1/2 lap)

P2 does exercises called.

Team does 100 Dips, 200 merkins, 300 Wall sits with OH press

Audible done at the end to get us back in time for COT to meet up with the PAX who went for a jog

Posse and Xerox closed us out with their favorite and least favorite exercises of dying cockroach and J-Lo’s


The Moleskin

Q Juice surprisingly only shows up when Q’ing, probably why DW Q’s so much. As always a real blast trying new things when PAX are willing to follow you no matter how crazy your ideas prove to be.



Xmas Parties on 11/30 and dec 1

2nd annual Effies on Dec 7

Jingle Jangle Beer exchange on dec 15

Bottle cap still collecting donations of business attire, new or slightly worn for COTS

Dancing Bear collecting toiletries and clothing for homeless


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