Thanksgiving Remorse

Thanksgiving Remorse

With the anticipation of a few others wishing to offset their gluttony from the previous day; a small goup of 14 PAX including a couple converging workhorses from Joust (Header, Chin Music), our favorite South African (Boerewors), an FNG (Smartbomb) and our Nantan (Alf) joined us Kevlar regulars on this fine Friday 6am workout.

We moseyed out of the parking lot to jog around and warm up in the morning cool air giving a couple of stragglers (Semi-Gloss and Joker) time to find us. Circled up in the main quad for some SSH, IW, LSS, RDL x 25 and Merkins. After finding the field locked up tight I audibled to Reid Hall across 51 for a “tripod” run with merkins and squats on either side of the three pronged cul-de-sac. A short plank set and back over to campus, grab a lifting rock, overhead press, curls and chest press x 20 with a sprint in between sets, all that x2. Quickly back over to the main church for some partner work, P1 suicide sprints to 3 islands while P2 does merkins…ouch. Mosey back to launch/mini-track for F3 version of “Duck duck goose”. PAX circles up for various called Mary exercise by the one who sprints around the mini-track. Somehow, burpees entered the equation (thanks Rhapsody) along with a random cornucopia of exercises. We finished with a “Men’s Health get ripped in 10 days” special, I think it was called “rock the boat” or “wobble wobble”…another classic difficult core maneuver by Squid. And done. Solid workout overall, stuck to the basics and covered over a 5k of running…nice!

FNG Matt came out after being invited for the last 4 years…we settled on “Smartbomb” (named after the enemy-clearing weapon from the classic video game Defender…) after we learned of his Dairy Queen clearing gas bomb back in college (thanks OrangeWhip).

Great to see a couple faces from Joust this am, we will converge again later in December around Christmas. Thank you Squid for the takeout prayer. Enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend!!

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