Hurley’s Revenge

Hurley’s Revenge

The day after Thanksgiving is always a challenge to post; too much food, booze, and souffle’s in the last 24hrs. The workout was pushed back to 6:30 to allow for some extra sleep and Transsporter shed pre workout type activities. Then old man winter came to town – with temps in the freezing zone it looks like most folks decided a dutch oven fartsack was just what their wives wanted –

With that 11 strong posted for some post gobble gobble fun and a tribute to the greatest basketball player to hail from the garden state – Bobby Hurley.
Warm up – Quick mosey around the lot
Hurley wore #11 so warm up’s to 11
ssh, imperial walker, merkin, mountain climbers and then dugans. A basic how to of the bobby hurley was demonstrated.

The Thang
Head over to middle school cafe for 11’s of Dips, Derkins and step ups.
Start with 11 for the group of 3, then 10 , then 9 –rinse and repeat all to 1

Head to the bb court.
Sideline to sideline – round 1 – 15 touches in 1 minute
round 2 – 13 touches and then round 3 try for 10 or 11.
That got the heart pmuping

Head to the HS gym entrance for March Madness. Hurley went to 3 Final Fours – so this would round would celebrate the NCAA tourney.
64 chair Air press
32 Donkey Kicks
8 Mike Tysons
4 Knee Slaps
2 Burpees

Head to front of High School
Partner up – 3 Rounds
P1 – 11 Step Ups while P2 does a hot lap>>>>>exchange is 11 hand slap merkins

Mosey to side of HS
Repeat NCAA Tourney in rapid fashiom

Mosey to front of Middle School
5 burps>>>>hot 1/2 lap
4 Burps>>>1/2 lap


thankful for this group that braved the cold and calorie spike. NO amount of exercise could make up for the pumpkin pie overload but this go the blood flowing. shout out to deadwood for stalking us with the drone – looking to get some good marketing material for us —-let us know what social channel that is on so we can promote!!!
Announcements – f3 SOB/WUC xmas party 11/30 – Effies Dec Friday 7th Briarcrest = Big Lots, new book for bible study – how to lead for men, Business Clothes donation for COTS and bring winter gear (hats, gloves, socks, coats) for Charlotte Men’s Shelter – Dancing Bear will be collecting – along with all the toiletries that you can steal on business trips.

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