Gear Day at Gumby

Gear Day at Gumby

Gear day at Gumby.  Tweeted and Slacked to tell Pax to bring 2 or more large cans.  All but one (no names, Geraldo) got the message.  Madison and Arena had the manliest man-sized cans.  Grave Dancer had regular sized, but brought three, so I can’t pick on him.  Anyway, we ran the Swiss Standard Tabata routine with best of The Who. Good time.

Devo: Throughout the bible, we see that God wants us to be grateful (Col 3:17, Phil 4:6, 1 Chron 16:34).  Like a muscle, you can work on gratitude and it becomes stronger.  Take time to “exercise” your gratitude, and teach your kids (example: gratitude tree).

Vinyasa – 1X slow to take time to de-kink, then 3X OYO to warm up

The Main Thang:

LEFT: Lizard 45s

Hammy stretch 45s  With your cans for support!

Lizard Quad 45s


Vinyasa 1X OYO


Meet in Table Top

Cat/Cow X5

LEFT: Bird dog/Cheetah 5X

Side Split 45s

Twist Side Hip 45s


Vinyasa 1X OYO


Grab your cans and: Squat down for:

Malasana 60s

Vinyasa 1X OYO


Step back into Pigeon:

LEFT 60s


Seated twist 30s L, 30s R

Prone shoulder flip 45s (L/R)

Cross shoulders 45s (L+R)

Neck stretch 45s (L+R)

Vinyasa 1X OYO


Back down to six:

Single knee hug 45s (L/R)

Supine twist 45s (L/R)

Dead pigeon 45s (L/R)

Happy baby 45s

Shoulder across chest 45s (L/R)




  • Rebel Yell AO convergence at 6:30-7:30
  • Turkey Bowl @ Elon Park @ 7:00
  • Strange Brew on deck for next week’s Gumby. Bring something to help balance for the more painful wall stretches.
  • Christmas Party Dec 1, $15/per + cash bar
  • SOB Christmas Party Nov 30



Great to have Paper Jam back.  Pokey has been shipped to Florida for the winter, so we can look forward to having PJ and some other “don’t mind the drive” SOB Pax join us for recovery and stretching until things warm back up outside and Pokey returns.

Thanks for bringing food to donate. YHC dropped the cans (felt like ~ 60# KB worth) at the Second Harvest food drive bin at the Wells Fargo branch on Matthews/Mint Hill Rd.  As we remember to be grateful (see Devo above), it’s a great time of year to share the wealth, and love on our neighbors.  Volunteer, donate or both.  Teach your kids that that’s just what we do as Christians.


-Swiss Miss

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