Turkey Meat & Potatoes

Turkey Meat & Potatoes

Thanksgiving is nigh, but today this bird did the carving.

Little baby jog around the premises. Circle up for a standard COP – ‘hops, walkers, low-slow squats and mountain climbers.

The THANGsgiving:

Pick a partner, run down & up the ramp and meet up for 30 patty cake sit-ups
repeat with 20 handslap merkins and finally 10 burpees.

The cave is a compact parking garage and the ceiling is lined with steel girders. Touch the ground, jump up and touch a beam x 2 per beam. With approx. 25 beams in row, it’s a lot of squat jumps. The second round was done with a side shuffle.

Run up the ramp, jog (not walk back down) then complete the called exercise.
R1 5 burpees
R2 10 lunges (each leg)
R3 15 Imperial walkers (each leg)
R4 20 ‘mericans
R5 25 plank jacks
R6 30 squats

Everyone called out a doozy.

Mashed potato skins
It was rainy, so we went to the cave. I’d never been and I was grateful my GPS found it easily. The AO is small, but there’s plenty of room to run an adequate boot camp. I wasn’t sure what to expect, so I kept is simple (not easy). In fact, I implore you as a Q to include sprints. You don’t have to run far, but sprinting and other high-intensity work is the best way to get fit.

We got a lot to be thankful for. Practice gratitude in all you do. Safe travels this holiday season.

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