The Stinging Rain Of Townland

The Stinging Rain Of Townland

(Posted on behalf for Dredd)

THANG: Ran 4.5 miles (and back) to the Dave Matthews Sports Complex (aka, “The Dave”), with some random exercises thrown in. The weather was perfect (cold, wet and dreary).




  1. What better way to celebrate Sparta’s one-year anniversary than a Post in the howling wind and a run through the stinging rain? I ask you.


  1. Before I leave the house for a workout I always check my IPhone to see what Steve says the temperature “feels like” (today was 27). Then I check my hot gear chart to see where that puts me. Frustrated by being over or undressed (or having to think too much) I began making this chart last winter. My goal was to find the exact level of hot gear I needed for various temperatures during bootcamps, runs and rucks. The idea is start cold and warm up to comfort so that I’m not taking anything off. Thus, at 27/Bootcamp I only wore leather work gloves, a hat and a long-sleeve shirt. It was hard to believe when I get out my car in downtown Townland that it was going to be enough—because the wind was howling and the rain stinging—but it was. Mongol didn’t believe it either because he was wearing a full-body Panda-themed SCUBA suit. And still he was cold.


  1. Gypsy invited me down to Townland a couple of months ago (plenty of warning) and even sent me a map to help me find my way to the Sparta AO—YHC still got lost. Luckily the Mongol vectored me in with the flashing lights of his giant (and totally tricked out) F250/dually. Thank you Mongol.


  1. YHC was five minutes late (rather than 10 minutes early, as planned) because I thought Sparta was a 0530 workout—could have just checked the website and seen it was 0515. Also didn’t realize it was an hour long (website would have told me that too).


  1. We ran to The Dave because it, Costco and TigerRag’s office are the only things I can find in Townland without assistance. Yet, even though I’ve been to The Dave five hundred times for Shorty Soccer, I still had a dicey moment making the right turn—we could have ended up anywhere. Townland is small(ish) but really confusing.


  1. On the way back in, Gypsy told me that we were converging with Peak51 who would be doing some Mary, but when we turned the corner there was nobody there—Gypsy: “that’s never happened before”. Was it YHC or the Stinging Rain?

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Chelms aka TatertotPosted on3:58 pm - Nov 16, 2018

OBT drew a crowd of 14 to The Fishing Hole at CCHS a few weeks ago. Dredd should change agents.

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