Centurion Century

Centurion Century

The Site-Qs failed to pay the power bill, so 15 men gathered in the darkness of the CCHS parking lot in anticipation of this morning’s Centurion. As we launched, we made the U-turn for a late-arriving pax and, now 16 strong, we gathered in the same dark parking lot for COP. Our theme for today was Centurion Century.

COP – 100 Reps (IC)

  • IWs x 20
  • Merkins x 20
  • Squats x 20
  • MCs x 20
  • LBCs x 20

Then we took off up Little to McMahon and rock pile. Find a lifting rock.

100 Reps (Civilian Count)

  • Curls x 25
  • Tricep Extensions x 25
  • Presses x 25
  • CDDs x 25

Run up McMahon, turn left into an office driveway, run around the traffic circle and then get back to our rocks. Repeat the same set above and return our rocks.

Mosey up to 51 and then into the main entrance to the picnic tables. Find some bench or wall.

100 Reps (Civilian Count)

  • Left Leg Li’l Haze x 25
  • Dips x 25
  • Right Leg Li’l Haze x 25
  • Decline Merkins x 25

Run around to the building entrance, up the ramp, lunge walk to the steps, then get back to your bench or wall. Repeat the same set above.

Mosey to Tartarus and find a partner. Partner A runs the back side short ramps to the top and then down the middle staircase. Partner B does burpees. Flapjack until you reach 100 burpees with your partner. Repeat with 100 jump squats.

Mosey back to base for some token flutter kicks to run out the clock. COT.


Crisp but beautiful morning after rain of Noah proportions all week. The Centurion pax were eager to do work, save Marconi who came in late and overshot the side school entrance before landing safely. Think he just likes using the backup camera on his Tacoma.

As Mermaid exited his vehicle, he noted that he had just seen a shooting star, as vividly as he had ever seen. Pretty sure he wished for burpees, which happened. Now I’m a believer.

As I noted, the pax were eager to work. So it was unusually quiet, as there was a high degree of intensity. It was refreshing, as I’m used to chatter-filled, refusenik-laced workouts with Gummy.

I’d like to thank my partner Spanx. He volunteered to burpee first, which meant I ran twice while he knocked out 65 of our 100 burpees.

Love it when the weather turns cold…Margo grows his beard really long and Hops breaks out the camo pants.

Next week, Centurion with converge at Cerebus for Black Friday, 0630. After that, on 11/30, Mailman has volunteered for his VQ…way to step up and lead my brother.


Turkey Drive for Metro – Mermaid will comment with link.

A51 Winter Gear – High Tide will spam this and every other BB, Twitter posts, and Slack channel with details.

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Chelms aka TatertotPosted on7:42 pm - Nov 16, 2018

Here is the link. $20 will help a family have a truly Thanksgiving so please consider getting involved. Aye

Charlotte Rescue Mission is still collecting turkeys. You can paypal, zenmo, etc. to Burpees4turkeys@gmail.com.

MermaidPosted on8:18 pm - Nov 16, 2018

Chelms is on it-thanks. Banged out some good reps today and still managed 2.45 miles. Solid Q Haze.

High TidePosted on10:03 pm - Nov 16, 2018

As requested, here is the link for the A51 winter gear order.
You have until Wednesday, Nov 21 (Turkey Day -1) to gift yourself (or have your M gift you)!
Order today so I don’t have to continue this guerrilla marketing…

Chelms aka TatertotPosted on2:00 pm - Nov 19, 2018

HT- As I recall, there was no “request” but rather a prediction that you would post this link on every BB between Friday and Black Friday to drive sales. Nice try

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