The WAMRAP Pyramid

The WAMRAP Pyramid

AYE. YHC rolled up to the Waverly Viva Chicken expecting to see…well…the normal crew. Alf. Orange Whip. Purell – wait, where’s Purell? Didn’t he HC the night before? More on this in a moment, but off we went to the parking deck for the WAMRAP Pyramid.


1. 20 Jump Squats at the bottom of the ramp, 20 Exploding Merkins at the top, count round with a Burpee
2. 20 Squats / 20 Merkins + Burpee count
3. 20 Sister Mary Catherines / 20 Freddy Mercuries + Burpee count
When we hit 10 rounds and 10 Burpees, start working back down the pyramid
Total Burps – 100

Finish up with some Mary


1. This one was a smoker. Constant movement. Orange Whip kept talking about how much fun he was having and how this was exactly what he needed, so, you know, he’s crazy.

2. We finished up the pyramid faster than anticipated and had time left for Mary. I guess we could have kept going but…nah.

3. As we rolled back to the launchpad, we saw Purell running sprints in the parking lot. Apparently he ran up and around the deck but not on the ramps, which is where we were the whole time. Sorry dude. We waited for you until 5:33.


Come check out WAMRAP next week.  WAMRAP deserves to live, damn it. The guys in Weddington ripped off the idea (no hate, just saying) and had 12 dudes show up when we had 3 that same week. What do I need to do to convince you that a) you will not die, b) you will be guaranteed to get a great workout and c) I will not annoy you with my usual constant #mumblechatter because I can’t talk during a WAMRAP workout.

That’s my rant. See you next week.

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GummyPosted on4:03 pm - Nov 14, 2018

Is it me or does McGee seem a lot nicer since he’s been trying to lure people to his fancy new workout? Although, in person at RockZero a couple of weeks ago he was his usual self. I think the competition is your issue – Anvil has the promise of Area 51 icons like Hops, Haze, Mermaid, etc. Death Valley has all the talk about private school soccer you can handle. The Donut Run has, well, donuts.

    OrangeWhipPosted on11:23 pm - Nov 19, 2018

    Hell yes he’s nicer. I go to this workout twice and I’m considered the “normal crew”! It took me 4 years of high school to finally get invited to one party…and that night happened to be my mom’s birthday.

High TidePosted on4:34 pm - Nov 14, 2018

Speaking of WAM (or is it WHAM!?), how about a long-sleeve shirt or fleece with the A51 logo? Talk about impact!
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