Don’t Skip Dinner, Skip Rope.

Don’t Skip Dinner, Skip Rope.

6 pax mustered at the still shovelflagless AO.  YHC was LIFO #qfail

Nevertheless, we launched for another version of Hawk’s Nest into much less rain than anticipated, so that’s a positive.

Below is a bit of what we did but more-so just some random commentary.

Moleskine & a bit of the Thang

So we ran from pavilion to pavilion and did some work at each, starting with COP.  3 pavilions, but there’s likely more on the Hawk’s Nest expanse.  We’ll count later.

COP consisted of the usual with the exception of the back-scratcher…not sure that’s what it’s called and almost certain we didn’t do it correctly.  #qfail

No weinke to speak of, and that was obvious from the get-go.  The pax were gracious…YHC deserved some serious mumble chatter.

So we then ran to another pavilion, and 5 of us did called exercise while #6 jumped roped and acted as the “timer” (50 reps, 75 jumps or 100 jumps).  Then we’d rotate, different called exercise, different jump roper.  Sprockets apparently was the Oklahoma state jump rope champ and the pride of Tulsa County.

Anyway, we ran to another pavilion and did some people’s chair, overhead press and BsTW.

No more pavilion hopping – we were out & about the rest of the morning.  Next stop before the bridge.  grab a rock. do called exercise while jump-roper serves as the timer.

Jog to other side of football field, lunge walk up long ramp to building, plankorama and then some more work on the walls with jump-rope timer again.

That was that.  Back to launch lot for COT with the Fast Twitchers.  7 of them…damn…they had more.  I mean glad they had 7 pax for Purell’s Q.

Sundry observations:

Spackler did not post.  He predicted as much on Twitter the night before.  Gloss also declined ahead of time publicly.

Certain we did not set a record for lowest mileage at a bootcamp for Area51 as I know some Q’s have circled up at the get-go from the launch lot and stayed there for the full 45 minutes.  But no idea how far we went for 2 reasons: 1) I never track distance when I Q nor when I don’t Q and 2) YHC lost his Garmin.  Thanks to HIPAA for ably filling Mermaid’s shoes in keeping the Q apprised of the time.  Difference being, HIPAA did it upon request while Mermaid’s is unsolicited.

Great to see Beaver out and doesn’t appear to be showing any ill effects from the broken hip…though YHC was a little concerned watching your dismount from the BsTW.

Thumper is on Q next week, and confident he’ll have a much more well-designed Weinke.

Thin Mint was scheduled Q but pulled up lame, re-aggravating a couple injuries during the 15+ mile Vagabond on Saturday.  Can’t imagine how 15+ miles and tons of bootcamp work would do that?  Get well, brother.  Rest.  Thin Mint back on the Hawk’s Nest schedule for 1Q of 2019.

Snowflake was WD…of course but the man is a machine.  If I’m still even able to jog or do some merkins when I’m 56 (or is it 57?) – I’ll be thankful.

Speaking of thanks….are you grateful?  For what?  To Whom?  If you give thanks, there has to be an object and subject of your thanks.

Elie Wiesel, prolific author and Holocaust survivor of both Auschwitz and Buchenwald said this about gratitude: “When a person doesn’t have gratitude, something is missing in his or her humanity.”

I’m thankful for you knuckleheads.  This life would be exceedingly more difficult without you.

Don’t wait until next Thursday to make a list of what you’re thankful for and then give thanks to whomever is the object of your thanks.  Aye?!


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HIPAAPosted on7:26 pm - Nov 13, 2018

Hops – Appreciate you and your leadership this morning. It was one of those mornings where I sincerely doubt any of us would have voluntarily been out there on our own. A good reminder. Also tclaps for bringing the jump rope. Next time – double dutch.

Sprockets needed to hotwire an excavator to grab his “lifting rock”. Much grumbling from YHC and others when we decided to rotate through the selected lifting rocks.

Spackler was there in spirit. We tried out best to emulate.

Disturbed some patches of grass and scuffed a few concrete retaining walls around campus, but my contacts tell me that the groundscrew has already restored them to their original, unblemished condition. Unfortunately, the cost of the repairs will come out of the F3 Security Deposit. I think Doc McStuffins gave them his credit card, so it should be fine.

1.66 miles total today for those of you scoring at home (or even if you’re alone).

High TidePosted on4:49 pm - Nov 14, 2018

There are only 7 days remaining to gift yourself (or have your M gift you) with a winter Area 51 gear order!

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