They say it’s your birthday…(VQ)

They say it’s your birthday…(VQ)

We decided to celebrate Orange Whip’s Birthday this morning with a 36 special since this was his last workout at 35. We rarely go 36 reps on anything and it really took the wind out of some of us, and we heard it definitely take the wind out of one of us…

In my first Q I managed to keep us under shelter when the rain stopped and out running while it was raining. Fortunately, these men are plenty comfortable in the gloom.

I’ll go ahead and quit now before I make myself sick… again.

The Thang

Ran in the rain over to the shelter to do the following exercise

36 – Side Straddle Hops

6 – Merkins

36 – Mountain Climbers

6 – Merkins

36 – Russian Twists

6 – Merkins

36 – Spider Mans

6 – Merkins

36 – Single Leg Lunges

6 – Merkins

36 – Shoulder Taps

6 – Merkins

Stepped out and found that the rain had stopped, but headed back to the shelter with the rock just in case.

Rock Pile – Get a Rock

Partners – opposites

1 – 36 Curls with Rock

2 – Plank Up Downs – Elbows to hands

1 – 36 Triceps Ext

2 – Dips

1 – 36 Rock Squats

2 – Jump Squats

1 – 36 Sit Ups with Rock Extension

2 – Louganis

1 – 36 press

2 – Flutter Kicks

Left the shelter only to find the rain had picked up but we toughed it out til the end.

Back to Parking Lot


Frog Hops

Side Shuffle – Side Shuffle

Bear Crawl

Bump Lap Parking areas

Down one side of the parking lot and back.

Finish With a loop and a puke…


10 men braved the dicey weather, and I was grateful for their encouragement and perseverance in my VQ. Thanks to all, plus we got to see the Wild Hog that Cottontail shot on his land. The thing had real tusks and everything.

Thanks to Cottontail who took us out, and also for the reminder that the Bible Study happens at Panera at Arboretum post workout, so get on it.



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High TidePosted on4:19 pm - Nov 13, 2018

Speaking of birthday’s, there are only 8 days remaining to gift yourself (or have your M gift you) with a winter Area 51 gear order!

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