OCR Bone Frog – Got Mud?

OCR Bone Frog – Got Mud?

6 pax (7 in spirit) came together and crushed the Bone Frog!  The morning started out great for Deadwood as he gained a near concussion stepping into Blue Screens car, the short compact jeep suits the pint sized beast but not taller pax. We took two wrong turns, heard some banjo music but finally made it to the race.


No warmup just some lite stretches.  We did see racers doing burpees and thought they were warming up but we were wrong…we would soon knock out 31 burpees of our own.

The Thang:

OCR with tons of mud, cold creeks, tons of muds, free beer and great fellowship.

Quotes from the Pax:

Blue Screen:

“I tried to view this Bone Frog  race in the life of my two testicles today. First they get packed by pressure into tight spandex pants that Made them look like a baby bird and two nest eggs that was run over by a steamroller. Thank goodness for outside shorts. And if it’s not bad enough running around in cold temperature with spandex? They are then involuntarily plunged into 18° rushing frigid stream water and quick frozen like two jolly Green Giant green peas. In fact at this point in the process…they’ve probably shriveled up to about that same size. 😳

But then they go through the experience of being a beaten wife in an abusive relationship. Every crossing of the wall that’s climbed results in them getting squished like pancakes when the body propels itself from one side of the top of the walk to the other. I had to readjust them at one point today and it felt like I had two flat US currency silver quarters in my sack.

They made it through though. Not sure if they’ll work after this trauma for their original intent. Sadly get only 2-3 chances a year to see if they can work for the pleasure which they were intended for as part of married life – personal pocket pool.

Also, I think I figured out why I felt nauseous the second half of the race. First I thought it was Dana’s farts because I was behind him. But I realize that when we tried to get over those tires at the start of the race I did some bruising or damage to my abdominal section the three times I tried it. and I think it caught up to me at the end of the race. Danas farts actually smelled good towards the end of the race – better smelling than the cow crap/mud mixture all over my clothes.”

Blue Screen hung (figuratively) with all the young pax and scored 1st in his age group. His description of crossing the obstacles, especially the walls, was spot on.  Oh, and after the race the Respect drops us off and goes to the gym…really?


”“If you weren’t at The Bonefrog Run this morning you missed out!! From running in the mud to creeks, jumping over walls, swinging monkey bars, and climbing up ropes in rather chilly temperatures totaling a whopping 6+ miles for a casual Saturday workout. Next year, be there or be square!!”

He set the pace all day, nice job!


”I ran a race, I got muddy…I finished. The End.” Buzz kill this guy.


“Once Deadwood convinced me into upping from the Sprint 3k to the Challenge 10k it was time to head to the start. (Yes, I convinced him today) We all stood there watching 10 or so runners completing burpees. We all thought hey they are warming up. Then the race started and so did the slip-n-slide in the mud. While trying to stay out of the mud and crossing a stream we came to the first obstacle. I’m thinking to myself ok a bunch of tires on a pole how hard can this be? Looks can be decieving. After we all conquered that one we ran over a stream and up a hill to a fantastic place where we were given the ability to do 18 dips, 31 burpees, and 7 pull ups. We then ran down some more obstacles ran did some more obstacles. Then we got to the stream. No way around it we had to wade through knee high water for about 100 yards. But hey our shoes were clean. By this point we were about 1.5 miles in. One of the vertical walls to climb over the first or second one some ways down the course I think my balls were pinched off. Then ran some more, did some more obstacles. All obstocales were attempted and most were conquered.

Then we got to the last obstacle 4.75 miles later. Never ending monkey bars hanging about 20’ in the air with a net under. Banjo started, got most of the way across and went down. I started,  got a ways across and went down. After rolling around on the net I made my way to the other end and proceeded down then a jog to the finish line. Banjo looked at me as my back was in full spasm and said i heard a crack when you hit the net. Yep that was my lower back saying what did you get me into.

All in all ot was a great time. I learned some things about myself and the other Pax in the process. I am glad DW and Banjo pushed me to sign up. At that time I could not run a 1/2 mile more or less 6, glad I did it with this group of guys. We started together and finished together. 

This was a great time and we will get more Pax for Bonefrog October 19, 2019, yep my birthday


”My balls got pinched on obstacles 15-28. They hurt really bad until I fell in the creek around mile 4, then they went numb. The beer afterwards helped with the pain but next year a jock strap will be utilized.“


“I had a blast but the rain the day before made the entire course a slippery mess that was nearly impossible to run. Some of the walls were 8’ high and we managed to scale them. Blue Screen, being slightly vertically challenged, required a boost on some of the obstacles. On one wall we gave him an assist that nearly killed him.  Either myself and Sleeperhold or Banjo boosted him up at the same time and basically tossed him over the wall…luckily he caught the wall and landed.  Close call!

The Pax really pushes today.

Dana, thinking he could barely handle the 3miler, crushed the 6.5 miler and almost all the obstacles.

Banjo took a nice knock on the kneee and finished the race bloody.

Blue Screen was a beast but the tall obstacles gave him some trouble.

Halfback breezed through the race and led most of the day… Mad Dog, you have a good son in law, he’s a solid dude!

Sleephold scolded me a few times for not circling back on obstacles to help pax over. Those incidents happened only because the breath was taken from my body thanks to the walls crushing my balls. All other obstacles I made sure to assist.

Thanks for going guys, it was a fun day!



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