On a beautiful day in the neighborhood, eight Pax decided to be Neighbors, and head on down to Gumbytown.

Here’s what we did:

Devotion- Romans 8:28-29

Move From Corpse into Child’s Pose

TableTop for Cat Cow (5 Breaths)

Left Side Right Side


Left Arm High

Right Arm High

Six Inches- 10 Seconds

One Sun Salutation together

Then- Do Sun Salutation non stop for three minutes

Lizard- 45 Seconds Right

Hamstrings(Straighten out Leg) 45 Seconds

Lizard Quad- 45 Seconds


Back to Mountain

Sun Salutation- Meet in Downward Dog

Right leg to the sky and Hold Three legged dog

Swing through

Warrior 1

Warrior 2

Warrior 2 Side Bend- Lower Body stays static, upper body goes for the floor

Back up to Warrior 2

Peaceful Warrior

Back to Warrior 2

Star Fish

One Sun Salutation- OYO

Repeat flow on other side

Sun Salutation Meet in downward Dog

Pigeon- Left Side then Right  side 1 minute at least on each side

Then on your Six


Reach for Toes- right leg then left leg then both

Pretzel stretch

Happy Baby

Corpse Pose


Pray for Gypsy’s wife- heading to Haiti to help women impacted by trafficking. Prayers of protection for Karen and the group going.

Let them Soar 5k- this Saturday! Race is at 8am:

Purrel Leading Sparta

Arena’s got the Q next week, so he’ll probably ask Stone Cold to cover last minute.


‘Twas a good group of veterans who came on down to the scout hut- quite a few pre runners as well. There was quite a protest regarding the Warrior II Bend- for some reason the group thought I was making it up… which was of course false . IT’S ON THE INTERNET Y’ALL.

Music today was the spotify playlist created by Panthers Beat writer Jordan Rodrigue which is all the songs she has heard the Panthers (specifically QB Cam Newton) play during practice. Only bummer was that we might have heard three songs because… so… many… ads. And Publix- we get that you are an awesome place to shop, but stop beating it over our heads! We want to listen to music! Even with said ads, this is a great playlist to listen to-if interested you can do so here .


Speaking of Cam, as you might be aware, he’s got swag in the pre game/post game outfit department. Which lead me to this  weird thought experiment- if F3 Area 51 had their own pre workout/post workout outfits, who would show up and show their swag? This led to what I’m proud to say is  the first Area 51 #DripChroniclesVOL1 POWER RANKING (I shall abstain since I am doing said ranking):

  1. Chopper- likes to make an entrance- rollin in right at 6:31AM. Just oozes swag to me- got the confidence to show up when all eyes are on him. He currently takes the top spot.
  2. Lois- Dude dressed up as himself for Halloween back from the good ole days of Wade Hampton high. That takes some cajones that would translate over at the podium after the big win. Would also translate well when CROOTIN
  3.  Tie- Madison and Gypsy- Guys showed up to post in complimentary pink shirts. Not only does it take a confident man to wear pink, but to wear a complimentary shade to your brother…. just drippin over here.
  4. Swiss Miss- Normally rocking the gray sweatshirt to Gumby, but had to swap out today for the Area 51 branded gear. Being on brand  has a swag of its own.
  5. Beaver- One of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet- and one who would bring a classic look back. Think the Sean Connery James Bond look. Unfortunately, them dang millenials don’t have respect for anything good in life- hence the lower ranking.
  6. Arena-  First PAX on the pre run, and last one done. Just a gritty, fundamental player. Deceptive speed,  beats you on the field so doesn’t need to mess with any of the pansy outfit mess after the game #gameswag.

Grateful for the opportunity to lead- see yall back in the gloom soon.

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High TidePosted on4:35 pm - Nov 13, 2018

Speaking of ads, there are only 8 days remaining to gift yourself (or have your M gift you) with a winter Area 51 gear order!

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