Is the Durkin Doer also the Leap Froger?

Is the Durkin Doer also the Leap Froger?

Pax 6 showed out this morning at the Valley for some Funny Farm fashion F3 fun (too much alliteration?)  The mumble chatter after the workout centered around head nods and “flaccid” arms.  Everyone involved had a good time, but didn’t quite know how to describe what happened.  Thanks for leading these men Funny!

Warm UP

20x SSH
20x imperial walkers
20 squats

The Thang:
Mosey to the track.

Partner up.
Straddle the ramp to trailers
At the top
Leap frog partners -all the way down the bridge, after each leap
10 durkins
Then switch
Repeat with ramp x 2

Partners-1 lap each
-1st partner-run the track, 2nd burpees
-1st partner-run the track, 2nd rosalitas
-1st partner run the track, 2nd Freddie Mercury’s

Complete the Huntingtowne Farms Sprint

Run to Parking lot wooded trail
Yoga poses
Bottom of the hill in the leaves
Right arm high
Left arm high
Downward dog
Tree pose

Back to the lot


THE MOLESKIN: Awesome cool morning! No rain so we avoided wearing our high waters. Most of us have flaccid arms due to the leap frogging durkins. There might be a pill for that. Mcstuffins? Advil? YHC just about hurled 3 times on the Huntingtowne Farms sprint. I think we’ve all got some PR’s out there now. Watch out for mud and branches in the woods, when completing fundamental stretching.

Turkey trot coming up! Thanksgiving day. – Muffins and mimosas tailgate at Nordstroms Parking lot after with Sloppy and crew.

Fox Fellas opening doors at Huntingtowne Farms carpool dropoff tomorrow monring with Becky.

Pray for GOP to be a light with his college buddies on the camping trip.


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