Is that a new Mary Q car?

Is that a new Mary Q car?

With a looming cold snap headed our way, 17 men decided to enjoy the last 50+ degree morning for a while by coming to Hydra.  Yesterday, in between Trump tweets of Sessions resigning and CNN reporters getting kicked out of the White House (that’s not a political statement by me…..just the facts), I let the pax know via TwitterFaceLinkedSnap that we would be off campus the whole time and to pack some running shoes.

Hannibal originally had been assigned Q today, but business travels took him to the Windy City.  Sprockets and I both volunteered to take his spot.  Rather than arm wrestling on it (Sprockets would win, by the way), we settled on Sprockets Qing the Mary and I would take care of the rest.

Here’s how it went:


  • 15 SSH
  • 15 Plank Jacks (Gummy pointed out a PJ is still a SSH, except you’re on the ground….gotta get up pretty early to fool that guy!)

The Thang:

We ran out of the OPE campus and started down Summerlin.  Along the way, we paused at each street light for 10 CDD’s (maybe 7 lights?).  At the intersection of Summerlin and Abbotswood, we did the following:

  • 15 box cutters as called by Sprockets (you could tell Sprockets did his homework and dug up some uncommon, yet challenging Mary…well done, boy!)
  • The OP Pipe!  Partner up and do 10 hand-slap merkins.  Separate and run up Abbotswood in either direction and stop at the top of either hill for 10 merkins OYO.  Run back to meet your partner for another 10 HS Merkins.  Conduct 3 rounds.
  • Mosey to the top of Abbotswood and Brynwood.  Sprockets Q’d us with 15 or 20 sweat angels.

We ran down Brynwood toward the high rent district of Rea/Colony.  While on Brynwood we stopped for 10 squats at each light post.  We planked a little then continued on toward Stonecroft Park.  Sprockets decided Turkish situps were the Mary du jour while we waited on the six on Stonecroft Park.

Continue our mosey to the medical building behind Colony Place.  We scared a CMPD officer who was parked behind the building.  He immediately drove away.  To be fair, the first person he saw was Spackler…….wouldn’t you immediately drive away, too?!

While in that parking lot:

  • Bear crawl Indian Run (lots of grumbling….blame Gummy as I got it from him).
  • Merkin Circle (even more grumbling!…..this is a Deep Dish favorite, though and as I was not going to disappoint my boy!)

Mosey to the traffic circle at Colony Place.  Grab some wall/chair/bench for:

  • 10 dips
  • 10 step-ups
  • 10 derkins


My watch said 6:03 at this point, so……Mosey back to OPE.  We had 4 minutes left at OPE so this morning’s version of Vanna White (i.e. Sprockets) took us through:

  • Rosalita
  • Flutter
  • LBCs
  • Freddy Mercury

That’s a wrap!


A few items I want to note right off the bat for summary:

  • Semi Gloss took off  his t shirt and ran with just a pullover on.  He also decided to not zip up the pullover, revealing plenty of unmanageable chest hair.  He looked like a modern day Andy Gibb since his shirt was unzipped so low.  Bold, my brother….bold!
  • Someone two pax ahead of me dropped anchor while we were doing the bear crawl indian run…..I had to crawl through that cloud!  I’d blame it on Puddin’ Pop…..but, let’s be honest….do you really think PP even did that exercise?!
  • Jet Fuel just got back from Japan yesterday afternoon and was suffering badly from jet lag.  He still looked like a Dad model in a Dick’s Sporting Good magazine with hair perfectly combed and t shirt tucked in.  I bet you the camera loves that guy!
  • Somebody called Thunder Road “TR” when he first walked up to the site.  I thought for a second the Area 51 Forefather Tiger Rag (anyone seen him since 1985?) was with us.  Did I need to call for hairburners if that was the case?  Anyway, it was just a misunderstanding.
  • Queen and One Eye are still fast and do not tire…..old news!

We logged about 2.7 miles and were only on OPE’s campus for about 5 minutes.  Aside from the mileage, we also tackled 115 merkins and over two hundred core exercises!  Not bad!  Marge and Queen, thanks for letting me lead this morning.  Men, it was and always will be an honor!  Sprockets, thanks for having my back on Mary!  Never done that particular type of Q share before, but it gave this old man a chance to catch his breath a few times!

Spackler, thanks for the take-out/prayer!


  • Holiday party is Dec 1 at Seaboard.
  • Vagabound is this Saturday….plenty of info on the Area51 F3 site!

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SpacklerPosted on1:00 pm - Nov 9, 2018

Cop saw me first = Me leading the pax. Suck it

HorseheadPosted on5:07 pm - Nov 9, 2018

What in the Kay is Mary Q?

High TidePosted on4:35 pm - Nov 13, 2018

There are only 8 days remaining to gift yourself (or have your M gift you) with a winter Area 51 gear order!

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