ILL Prepared

ILL Prepared

20 men joined me at Chiseled for what started out as a hot mess and some may say ended as a hot mess.  I spent the night before working on my Weinke as well as a planning a playlist to get the party started, they both fell short.  I overslept, forgot my Weinke and the CrossFit soundtrack that was playing on my speaker almost caused Old McDonald to destroy the speaker!


Lets Mosey: Jog 25′ and circle up.

  • 50 SSH IC
  • 20 Merkins CC
  • 20 IW’s IC

The Thang:

Things get messy – I made it all up as I went and it was obvious!

  • Mossey to gear storage area and pick up bricks.
  • Run one-half lap around the parking lot while doing air presses with bricks.

Split into 2 groups, groups partner up:

G1 – Partner up

  • P1 – Run half parking lot and back
  • P2 – Start sets
    • 150 Brick Squats
    • 150 Curls
    • 100 Dry Docks
    • Mary until 6 is in

G2 – Tire Flip – Even more of a mess – not prepared for pax numbers

  • One pax flips tire while other Pax do various exercises. Bear Crawl, Merkins, Squats, Planks
  • Groups switch once G1 sets were completed.

Groups Switch

G1 seemed to have a much more organized tire flipping. Mostly because yours truly was not leading the group.

They ran a short distance and back while one pax flipped the tire. G1 and G2 done.

Groups come together and keep the same partner.

P1 – Run to the halfway mark in the parking lot and back.

P2- Plank – All but one Pax planked, he did LBC’s.  Complete 2 rounds. Mary until 6 is in.


P1 – Run to the halfway mark in the parking lot, complete one Burpee (most pax did a burpee) and back.

P2- Hold Al Gore while P1 runs. Mary until 6 is in.

Run bricks back to the storage area.

The Moleskin:

All Pax worked hard today and didn’t ask too many questions, my plans were so jacked up questions didn’t matter.  Wedding Singer is no longer a 6 that’s for sure. He killed it today.

To all Pax I apologize for the lack of preparation and the mass confusion today, I will not disappoint tomorrow at The Floater.

To all Pax that plan to Q Chiseled, plan to spend extra time on your Weinke, this is not an easy site to Q!

Thanks for asking me to Q Banjo, you may be regretting it… Ha. Thank you Old McDonald for taking us out!


Grab shampoo and soap for Dancing bear.

Queen South in Waxhaw is now open for business!

Bottle Cap is collecting men’s dress clothes for Charlotte Men’s Shelter – Bring Friday to Impromptu if possible.

Bible study at Five Stone Wednesday mornings 6:15-7:15, all are welcome and breakfast is included.

Christmas party Nov. 30th – See Union County Slack channel for sign up. $25 per head.

Last but not least…Bone Frog this Sat.







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