Hills, Hills, Beautiful Hills!

Hills, Hills, Beautiful Hills!

DISCLAIMER: Don’t sue me, F3, Waxhaw, other Pax and please modify if needed.

15 Pax joined me at The Floater for a journey around Waxhaw that would mainly lead uphill.  I promised a solid workout and I think all Pax would agree that it tested their endurance.  Other than Zin hating the Merkins, there was zero complaining which was refreshing and partly because no one could breathe!


Run around block back to start and circle up – Foley came in hot at 5:30 but we started our Mosey without him but I changed Weinke to pick him up.

  • 20 SSH IC
  • 20 Merkins CC
  • Calf stretch – Flap Jack
  • 20 Potato Pickers

The Thang:

DISCLAIMER: Don’t sue me, F3, Waxhaw, other Pax and please modify if needed.

Mosey to the bottom KeithJongHill.

  • 10 squats at the bottom and 5 merkins at the top x 2
  • Al Gore waiting on 6  – The road was muddy, no Mary.

I pulled a fast one on the Pax.

Mosey back up KeithJongHill – Pax almost in unison…We just went that way!

Stop at the second stop sign. Mary until 6 was in.  Chainsaw, give me a 10 count.  10…………….9……………8………………………………..7…………………………….6…… Lets Mosey!

Mosey toward train tracks.  At the tracks, we all were almost taken out by a semi that just so happened to be making a Long Island Left directly at us (Pulling out my inner Yankee). Safely across the street we ran to the bottom of the hill and stopped…Zinfandel said, “Let me guess…Merkins”. How right you are! This guy is in a challenge and needs to get some numbers. 10 Merkins OYO.

Lets Mosey! We start our journey to Bad Idea.  On the way, we stopped a few times to knock out some Merkins and wait on the 6.  At the church near Bad Idea, we grabbed some wall to catch our breath.

  • Right leg up
  • Left leg up
  • Hands up


DISCLAIMER: Don’t sue me, F3, Waxhaw, other Pax and please modify if needed.

The Triple Triple (the nickel wasn’t happening although it felt worse than any triple nickel I’ve ever completed!)

First stop sign 5 Merkins – your welcome Zinfandel

Second stop sign at the top of what seemed to be a mountain… 5 merkins. Repeat x 3.  Pick up the 6.

Mosey back down Bad Idea to the stop sign.  Zinfandel, “If I have to do one more Merkin”… Audible.  10 Burpees OYO. Your welcome.

Start the journey back. Stop along the way for Speed Skaters (20 per leg).

Stop at the stop sign across from the wooden bridge.  I throw the headlamp in strobe mode and a few of us grabbed orange flags.  Cross the bridge and grab some curb..6 mins ish to go.

  • One leg lunges – 20 each leg.

Mosey across 16 back towards AO.

Grab a bench

  • 100 dips OYO – pretty sure Zinfandel said “you suck” or something to nature…I love it! HA

Mosey around the block towards AO…I was quickly reminded by Zinfandel we had 1.5 mins left.  Thanks buddy, I got this.  All you got back to AO… 30secs to spare.

The Moleskin:

DISCLAIMER: Don’t sue me, F3, Waxhaw, other Pax and please modify if needed.

ALL PAX KILLED IT TODAY and didn’t get scared off knowing there would be some running involved..nice work guys!

The morning started out with Shake and Bake ending his pre-run with glass embedded in his foot.  We hope for a quick recovery

Deflated, Moneyball, and Easy Button, set the pace while  Recalculating, and Rockwell were hot on our heels.  Heading to Bad Idea I took a wrong turn and all Pax that attended Chiseled the previous day said…here we go again.  Sorry guys, even with a bright headlamp, I still am a one-eyed guy. Money Ball guided us to the fun that was about the transpire. Everyone that posted today should thank me for the solid cardio, chest, leg and tricep workout…hold the applause.

Some Clydesdales, if you will, are gaining on Gazelles.  It is great to see how hard all you guys are working…keep it up!  Thanks for letting me Q, tomorrow should be even more fun!!

Thanks, Moneyball for taking us out.


DISCLAIMER: Don’t sue me, F3, Waxhaw, other Pax and please modify if needed.


Bone Frog Saturday

Turkey Christmas Weight loss challenge: Each post is 1 pt – see Zinfandel at AO’s to weigh-in

December 7th Briarcrest drawbridge will be lowered. 3FF33 awards – be there if you dare!

Christmas party Nov 30 – $25 per head – Banjo may burn a couch




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