Who Dis?

Who Dis?

It was fantastic for 13 gentlemen and Semi Gloss.

Warm up jog plus some exercises

Speedbump work – wide armed merkins, diamonds, dry dogs – 10 @ each

Mosey to the rock pile at bottom of MH and partner up.

Partner 1 runs while partner 2 does rock work – curls, push press and tricep extensions – 3 rounds

Indian run up and down MH x 2

Hill and stomach work at the hill to the side of the theatre.



YHC at least knew 4-5 of the 14 pax.  Solid 35%.  That’s what you get when you post SOB twice a year.

Many strong efforts noted but the skinnier Tolkien aka Happy Meal was crushing it

Squid needs some F3 marketing material to hand out – told him to request from Alf

Apparently slippery wet hills are frowned upon – as are back scratchers

BB’s should be 140 words or less.  Welcome.





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