Ignite This!

Ignite This!

8 pax flat out refused to hit the snooze button and came to brave the dangerously misty conditions this morning to get in some miles and merkins.


Run long way to front of high school, then IW x10 IC, Merkins x10 IC, 6 Count Burpees x10 IC


Run to high school parking lot, various lengths of sprints with merkins, dry docks, jump squats and burpees in between;

Then to middle school in front of the steps; merkins, diamond, stagger L, R, wide arm all x5 IC; then partner circle around the bus lots; 10 Hand slap merkins when meet; completed 2x

Straight shot from there to the front of the middle school; bench work; 15 step ups, derkins and dips; all x2; 10 6 count burpees

Run to end of drive up to Cuthbertson Rd.; 10 merkins IC, 20 jump squats IC, 10 dry docks IC, then run back to front of middle school

Loop around; complete Merkins, jump squats, lbc’s, start at 9 each, at every half lap reduce by 1 until finished

Ended day with some sprints with recovery jog around the parking lot; Total a little over 5 miles


Nice work by all, good to have site FNGs Burpees McGoodfella and Landshark, both were out towards the front all morning. Look forward to seeing them back out again soon.

Botttlecap killed it on the loop at the end. Does that mean he sandbagged the beginning of the workout?

Moneyball was carrying a jacket around for some reason.  And just happy that calf raises aren’t allowed at this ao.

Halfback and Stub Hub both working their way back from 3 weeks of vacation. That was together, right?

Easy Button loves him some Ignition, overheard saying to his M that he can’t wait to Q it and show us what a real Q can do.

Just a really fast crew out there today, peeling back for the 6 was actually encouraged but not necessary due to the fact that we were all bunched together pretty well. Thanks again for the continued support of the newish workout and look forward to some of the Flash guys coming over and joining us soon for a change of pace.


Church on the Street; see Bottlecap for sign up

Open Door bible study; Sundays, Five Stones at 7am; no pre-work required; just come and listen

Christmas party 11/30-Providence Downs South

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