4 PAX braved the rain in Wesley Chapel to post at Asylum this morning.  I have to admit, I started dreading a soggy workout as soon as I saw the forecast.  Being on Q, I thought I could keep us dry, only to discover that there is no real cover at this AO unless you cross over to 201 Central – getting soaked along the way and hence defeating the purpose of seeking cover to begin with.  So, I decided to embrace it, only to find that the rain cleared for the exact 45 min we were posting!


While we were small in numbers, the PAX all worked hard.  Akbar is progressing every day, and is riding his weight loss to push the leaders.  Chastain is back in the swing of things and showed his speed.  Transporter led the pack as usual, but I must take some pride in his comment ‘that sucked’ comment when we finished…



  • Quick parking lot circle
  • Despite all PAX being experienced – proper disclaimer provided
  • SSH
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Calf Stretches


The Thang:

  • In an effort to promote how crazy we are, I decided to showcase our insanity with a mosey to the YMCA to begin our journey
  • Round 1 = Burpree Suicides – Suicides in the parking lot using trees as markers – Run to tree 1, 1 burpee / return to start 2 burpees / run to tree 2, 3 burpees / return to start, 4 burpees, etc..
  • Round 2 – Lieutenant Dan – 1 squat + 4 reverse lunges / 2 squats + 8 reverse lunges….. 8 squats + 32 reverse lunges
  • Mosey back to our starting point at Verizon and grab 2 sandbags along the way
  • Partner up – P 1 = exercise / P2 = lap around the Target traffic circle – team total of 250 for each of the following
    • Sandbag Squats
    • Speed Skaters (1:1)
    • Lunges (1:1)
    • Jump Squats (nobody got to these)
  • Time to call it a morning…



  • Bible Study (Sanctuary) – Monday’s at 7:30pm @ Brooklyn Pizza
  • Vagabond is THIS Saturday – 5:30am @Viva Chicken in Waverly

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