Post Surgery and Basecamp Farewell Q

  • When:11/12/2018
  • QIC: Benny

Post Surgery and Basecamp Farewell Q

February 12th was YHC last official Q, not counting what Purple Haze, Sensei and Lois did to lead my Q’s post surgery(everyone’s responds Benny that sucked). About 6 days later, my life for better or worse changed when I got hit by a car at the intersection of Rea Rd and Ballantyne Commons Parkway. It’s been a rough nearly 9 months of recovery, I’ve truly gained more than just the 1st F aspect of F3. If it wasn’t for the various pax South Charlotte in Area 51,Sons of Ballentine, Western Union County, as well as F3 Nation not sure if I would’ve gotten through the past 9 months.

Now onto the main event: YHC as stated before hasn’t Q’d since on February 12th 2018. On November 12th 2018, exactly 9 months since my last Q at Basecamp will be my first Q back post surgery. Fair warning, Jack Webb and Plankers Delight will be on deck two of Goonie’s favorite exercises. We will do our best to get to 2 miles in the workout, leaders have the possibility of getting greater than 2 miles. We will also be paying homage to our Veterans with Veterans Day being over the weekend.

Nevertheless, it’s been a tough road to recovery to get to the point where I’m able to be the Q for a workout. I can’t make any promises that I’ll be to the form I was back on my February 12th Q throughout the workout. Just know, the workout will test you and will be a great way to kick off the week. This will also be YHC’s last Q as Basecamp Site Q, with switching teaching jobs its been increasingly harder to post during the week. I promise it’ll be a great workout and you’ll for sure be sore afterwards. Here’s how the day will start:

5:00 AM: Base Camp Pre Run 2 mile route multiple options.
5:30 AM: Main event starts

I hope to see you with me in the Gloom November 12th.

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