Chicken Littles VQ- (wet feathers and all)

Chicken Littles VQ- (wet feathers and all)

The Warm Up:

Mosey down main school road and play Chicken with buses leaving and enter front of Middle School from the bus lot area.


15 SSH- cadence

15-Imperial Walkers- cadence

15- Merkins on my Down-

The Thang:

  • Partner up complete 125 dips, 75 step ups, and 75 squats between both partners – 1 partner does exercise while other partner runs around 1/2 the island. When all is complete the partners need to complete 20 hand-slap merkins. ( this kinda sucked)..
  • Mary with LBC’S and Hills to heaven until 6 is in..
  • Mosey to hill/stairs area near buses via main school road again  and play Chicken again with buses.
  • The Triple Nickle ( in Honor of Posse and Money Ball)– 5 merkins run up hill and complete low and slow squats.
  • Mary with calf raises until 6 is in..
  • Run down hill and around curve to building and partner up- 1 partner squats against wall and does air presses and jabs in sessions of 20 each while other partner does 30 lunges and switch– do this 3 times each
  • Mary with SSH until 6 is in..
  • Mosey down lighted pathway with partner and at every light both partners do 5 hand-slap merkins and 5 jump squats together at each light ( 9 lights total)
  • Mary with Speed Skaters until 6 is in..
  • The Merkin Wave- all Pax get in circle in a plank position and then one person does a merkin and returns to plank position the PAX member beside him does a merkin and returns to the plank position — this continues until no one can do anymore… MADDOG is a Stud.. Nice work he was the last Pax member in the circle, honorable mention to Jingles and Southern Belle– HECK OF a job Guys..


I appreciate Moneyball and Posse taking the time to School us Pups on leading the PAX in the future as the Q, it definitely helped.  Although today was wet and my feathers got a little ruffled early on when I forgot my third warm up exercise the PAX took it in stride and just carried on by jumping on the ground into merkins.

I was shocked there was no mention of BONEFROG since the day is fast approaching.

The PAX did seem more quite than usual today- was it the rain? was it recovery from the weekend? according to Fuse Box it could be cause the Q was good and everyone was busy. According to Zen people needed to focus on counting to 15. It was a pleasure leading this group of fine men today and everyone being patient with my first

Thanks to Foundation for twisting my arm last week and saying I needed to Q today and pop my cherry. I must say I was a bit nervous over the past few days knowing the big day was coming and the questions that would come afterwards of being a VQ……..wonder if they will like me like ? will they accept me ? will they ask me out again? how do I compare to the others they have had in the past?

I guess only time will tell and it was a huge relief getting this behind me..


Dancing Bear still collecting toiletries for Shelters– maybe be in need of other things as well, stay tuned

Clyent Dinner workout- Food Lion parking lot in Waxhaw 6:30 pm and beers to follow at Dream Chaser or Queens South.

5K coming in Braircrest to raise money for swim team/lesson in March



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