Flying High

Flying High

16 Pax including 1 FNG escaped the rain and burned off their Halloween candy in style this morning

The Thang

Warmup pace for 1/2 mile to rear side of church for COT:

  • IW IC x20
  • SSH IC x20
  • Lunges IC x10
  • MC IC x20
  • Star Jumps IC x10
  • All above alternating w/5 burpees

Continue run around back of church, out to John, down 51 to Reid Hall

Se7ens on Reid Hall hill, Monkey Humpers at bottom, Star Jumps at top

Cut back across 51 towards rock pile.  Pickup running rock.

Mosey around to area directly behind church.  Partner up.  With partner, alternate rock exercise, while other partner runs around church, flapjack:

  • OH press with rock; partner runs with rock
  • Burpees, partner runs w/o rock

Rock work, in cadence:  Overhead press x25, tricept press x20;

Mosey to return rock. Plank abreast.

Sprint back to start.


Mileage: 3.3

Moleskine and announcements:

  • Great showing post-Halloween by a solid group of men despite the high-mileage twitter warning
  • Had a few more Halloween tricks up the sleeve for COP, but could tell the PAX may need a bit extra time, so saving those for another day.  We needed the time anyway to ensure everyone got their fill on the Se7ens
  • Hopefully the neighbor in Reid Hall appreciated the display of 15 middle-aged men performing monkey humpers together on her street at 5:45 am.  Nothing odd about that?   Hopefully we won’t get banned.  Maybe merkins would have been a better choice.  #crowdpleaser
  • Welcome FNG Exit Row.   Long story regarding Orange Whip and Mile High HCing him on an airplane together.  Trust me, you don’t want the details.
  • Great take-out from Orange Whip
  • Appreciate the opportunity to lead #F3Kevlar
  • Announcement:  Vagabond next Saturday 11/10, 6:30am, 13mi, 6 AOs, refreshements at end.  Start/finish Hickory Tavern, Providence Rd. See preblast for details and shirt orders

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