What is the sum of the jersey numbers of Jake Delhomme and Mushin Muhammad

What is the sum of the jersey numbers of Jake Delhomme and Mushin Muhammad

13 men awoke from their candy coma to test their luck at Hydra on a humid November morning.    Upon arriving at 5:29, YHC properly disclaimed the group and off we went.  Here is what happened for the next 45 minutes.

The Thang:

Run over to church parking lot and grab a lifting rock.  Perform the following x 10

  • Plank Jacks
  • MC
  • IW

Grab lifting rock and perform the following for 3 sets, 20 reps each

  • Curls
  • Tricep extension
  • American Hammer

Upon completion, jog over to Summerlin Place, facing South.  Run down Summerlin and at each street light perform 50 LBCs.  Upon intersection at Windy Rush, turn East.  At each street light perform 15 merkins.  Upon intersection at Sheffingdon, turn North.  At each street light perform 20 peter parkers.  Upon completion, run back to church /rocks by running back down Sheffingdon, turning right onto Windy Rush, right onto Summerlin, right onto Rea and arrive back at church.  Upon arrival, repeat rock set until time is called at 6:09.  Jog back to AO and YHC tried something new (always a good idea).  Circle up in plank position and YHC asks Pax to elect one spokesperson to answer one trivia question.  If answered correctly, no burpees.  If not, 10 burpees for the group.  While still in plank, the Pax quickly elected Spackler who gladly accepted.  Upon accepting his new responsibility, YHC asked Spackler, “What is the sum of the jersey numbers of Jake Delhomme and Mushin Muhammed?”  Spackler gave the question as much thought as he did on many multiple choice questions at USC and promptly declared, “I have no idea”.  10 burpess for the group.  3 mins of Mary including flutter, heels to heaven, Freddy Mercury.


One Eye and Sprockets were out in front all morning.  Don’t be deceived by Snowflake or Hopper’s age, they have wheels. Caution to all children who trick-or-treat at Semi’s house  as he hands out bags of trail mix and/or raisins.  Good work by all and a good time for everyone.   The answer to the question is 104 (17 and 87, respectively). Gummy properly took us out and we were all better for showing up.


Vagabond on 11/10…13 miles of fun with multiple stops at all your favorite AOs.  See pre-blast from Hoover for details.

As always, an honor and a privilege to lead this group.


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