What is Big Rock?

What is Big Rock?

What is Big Rock? Why couldn’t anyone come up with a more interesting name for the geologic phenomenon? As a amateur historian, I can tell you, without a doubt, that 4 million years ago robotic alien dinosaurs using magnets and lasers aligned the granite boulders to serve as a calendar, calculator and same-day dry cleaner.

Despite a rainy evening, the weather was perfect – cool and crisp. The trails were soft, but not muddy.

The Thang
Run up Bally C to Sweatow Run and down Club Thornhill. Finish with a roger on Elmstone with some ‘merkins and squats. I reviewed the course and then let the horses run.

The Circuit
Enter Big Rock, cross the wooden bridge
R and pass through the mini canyon
L down the hill
L through the tall grass
L up the steep hill
Run across the street to Elmstone Park
10 derkins in the shelter
10 pullups in the playground
.5 mi each lap
Repeat with one less derk and pull-up each lap.

The Brave is designed for OCR training and I did my best to bring the major elements of most races to the workout – technical trails, grip/hanging obstacles and general core/shoulder strength.

Wingman reported sliding down a trail hill
Mario managed to stay in front without a headlamp.
One Niner is back in top form, pacing Mario (and sharing his light)
Tuck put in an extra 2 mi and is headed to a Spartan this weekend. Solid.
Cobbler and Frehley modified, but kept going.
Cheddar was first up Ballantyne Commons (segment).

Thank you for the opportunity to lead!

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