The Four Realms of Peak 51

The Four Realms of Peak 51

Upon arrival, I took a trip to the back of Matthews Elementary to scout the area. Just looking for any changes, which there weren’t. I come back to the front of the school and was greeted by Slim Fast (Drosselmeyer), who said, “Setting up Barre’s back there?”. Slim Fast (who oldest daughter had danced) knew the ballet that was coming!

A thorough disclaimer was given (it would do Mermaid proud). I also explained to everyone that since my daughter did Ballet and “The Nutcracker and the Four Realms” was opening this weekend, that there would be ballet references. Drosselmeyer piped up again, “I’ll be sure to go see it” (Sarcasm).

Before we enter the realms, we needed to warm up. Run to the back of the school…


SSH x 15

IW x 15

Windmill x15

Time to enter the first realm….

Land of Snowflakes – just as the snow falls, so we must.

Plank sequence – hold plank for 20 secs, rest 10 secs. Repeat 4x. Side Plank (right arm down) for 20 secs, rest for 10 secs. Side Plank (left arm down) for 20 secs, rest for 10 secs.  Elbow Plank for 20 secs, rest 10 secs, repeat.

Plank Jacks x 15

Freddy Mercury x 15

Rosalitas x 15

Flutter Kicks x 15

And we head off to the second realm…

Land of Flowers – just as flowers go, so should are muscles. Grab some wall against the side of the school. Get in the people chair

Air Presses x50

Toe Taps x 50. You can try this at home. Do a wall sit, and then tap your toes for 50 counts. Around 30 you really start to feel it.

Air Presses x 50

Toe Taps x 50

Then we hit the wall.

Derkins x 15

Step Ups x 10 each leg.

And we are off to our Third Realm (the track)…

Land of Sweets – In the land of sweets, there would be no treats!

Lunge Walk – 8 counts drop and do 1 civil count Merkin, T Push Up, another civilian count merkin, and T Push UP. Then 16 lunge walks, and 2 Merkin/T Push Up. Finally 32 lunge walks, and 3 merkin/T PushUP.

Run back to start

Duck Walk and Jump Squat – 8 duck walks and 1 Jump Squat, 16 duck walks and 2 jump squats, 32, duck walks and 3 jump squats, 64 duck walks and 4 jump squats.

Run Back to start

Bear Crawls and Burpees – 8 bear crawls and 1 burpee, 16 bear crawls and 2 burpees, 32 bear crawls and 3 burpees.

Run back to start.

Time for our final realm. I explained that “Mother Ginger” had planted 7 keys around the track, with an exercise on each key. We had 2 laps to find all 7 keys or burpees.

Mother Ginger

The following exercises were on the 7 keys:

  • Carolina Dry Docks
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Peter Parker
  • Dead Bugs
  • LSS
  • LBC
  • Monkey Humpers

I think they found 4 keys on the first lap. The 2nd lap they found 2 more. But, we couldn’t find the elusive key 7 (Mountain Climbers).  So yes, they paid with burpees at the end.

Back to the front to meet Sparta.


Nice take out by Slim Fast


During the Warm Up, the guys were teasing me about the inflection in my voice. I sounded like I was going through Puberty.

Toe Taps- This exercise I stole from my daughter’s stretch/conditioning class. They get to sit on the edge of a bench, but they do 100 – 3 times! Good for your calf muscles.

Land of Sweets – this whole run for 8 counts then do an exercise was another one that I stole from my Daughter’s Ballet Camp this summer.

Facing Mother Ginger – I must say that Swiss Miss had an excellent idea during this that I will use next year (because my fall is consumed with taking the 2.0 to Nutcracker rehearsal). I should have had everyone partner up. Person 1 does some exercise (say SSH) and person 2 (with Headlamp) Runs around the Track looking for keys. This would have actually fit nicely with theme. There are some ginger children in Green dresses (my daughter) and some are in Red Dresses (Bushwood’s daughter). Shout-out to Team CK!

I always like coming out to Peak 51. Sensei and Lois (Clara) do a great job keeping it organized. I like the guys and we get a good sweat going! Unfortunately, Thursday is often my rest day and take the 2.0 to school. That all said, whenever there isn’t school, I’ll be out.

The guys were a good sport with the work-out today and appreciated (tolerated) the creativity.

Always thankful to lead this group!




Charlotte Marathon this weekend

Let them Soar 5k – next weekend. They have enough track commanders, but someone usually gets sick/has a last minute conflict – so come on out!

And let me know if you want to come see Nutcracker in early December! Shameless Plug.

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