The Cutting Edge & Pamchenko Twist

The Cutting Edge & Pamchenko Twist

Earlier this week 11 pax showed up to Hydra a little bummed about not winning the $1.6M Mega Millions, but as promised, everyone’s a winner when YHC is on Q. In keeping with the tradition of always bringing some creative element to a workout, YHC would harken back to a piece of cinematic genius from 1992. Note: Entry of a new exercise in the Lexicon is needed. More on this later. Disclaimer given. Now shut up and skate.

The Thang:

2 laps around small track w/ high knees and butt kickers
Merkins 15x IC
IW 15x IC
Wide-arm Merkins 15x IC
LSS 15x IC
Diamond Merkins 10x (modified b/c it was brutal) IC
Mosey to back playground
Partner up
Partner 1: 5 pull ups; jog to concession stand for 20 step ups; 20 dips
Partner 2: 1 lap around OP Elem
Flap Jack; Rinse and Repeat 3x
Mosey to Wall
Wall sits for 10 count by each pax (110 seconds if my public school math is correct)
Back on the Wall for Air Presses IC 20x
Mosey to open field next to playground
Jack Webb Ladder: factor of 4 to 5/20; Back down ladder to 1/4
Pamchenko twist (explanation and demonstration required) 20xIC. Russian twist on count “1-2”, extend legs and tap fists on ground back behind your head on count “3”. YHC’s 2.0 “Reader Frog” created this new exercise. YHC and Hydra pax were all fans. I think we’ll keep it.
Freddy Mercury 20x IC
Flutter 20x IC
Dolly 20x IC
Mosey back to launch


YHC almost had to bail on his Q, but cleared the calendar and convinced himself that his only posting twice in the past 2.5 weeks wouldn’t stand in his way. Anticipating being in the back (even more than usual) YHC laid out an “on-campus” beatdown that would keep all pax together and not allow YHC’s poor fitness to affect the herd mentality. A consistent amount of mumble chatter throughout which culminated in the group bordering on mutiny during Jack Webb. In an effort to regain control (and because Gummy straight up called the Q out) YHC required a repeat of a few counts until all pax counted in unison and the balance of authority was restored. Highlights for YHC were actually finishing the workout and introducing some new Mary – the Pamchenko twist, the nearly impossible figure skating move proposed by the Russian coach of Kate Moseley and Doug Dorsey. After modifying the Russian Twist – this name seemed like an obvious go to. A nod to the brilliant sports/Rom-Com movie of the early 90’s, there were many calls of “Toe Pick” before and during the new exercise. YHC’s 2.0 Reader Frog gets credit for the  modification and YHC for the naming rights.


Check Slack for Christmas party details in early December. PRAYER NEEDED: Revlon’s dad, David, underwent partial leg amputation and is recovering well. Pray for rehab and continued healing. Most of all David needs prayer that he maintains his joy and emotional, as well as physical, healing.


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GummyPosted on2:42 pm - Oct 29, 2018

I don’t normally reward a 4-day old backblast with comments, but this one had some special memories, so…
– Spackler and I crushed the competition on the laps around the school. The police have one of those, “Your current speed is” things in front of the school. I hit 11 mph. Semi Gloss couldn’t go fast enough to make it register.
– I’m really proud of the guys for the deep, lengthy round of quoting Three Amigos during the Jack Webb. I don’t remember how we got there, but we did the full Invisible Swordsman scene (“chip chip chip chip nahneeee!”) along with a few other classics. As noted above, Scratch had to fight back hard to regain control. It was impressive.
– Any reference to The Cutting Edge is also special to me because my wife (then girlfriend) watched that movie probably 27 times one summer in college while it was at the nearby dollar theater in Knoxville. I think I worked a lot, and she was bored, so she went almost every day. Classic terrible-but-good 90s rom-com. Remind me to ask BOG about the likelihood of a semi-pro hockey player becoming a world class figure skater within a few months.

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