Shelter from the storm

Shelter from the storm

‘Twas in another lifetime, one of toil and blood
When blackness was a virtue the road was full of mud
I came in from the wilderness, a creature void of form
Come in, she said
I’ll give ya shelter from the storm

– Bob Dylan


(BB from Kevlar on Friday). Great song by Dylan. Cold, rainy and miserable is how the morning started. 4 guys had mistakenly pre-committed to come to my Q the day before, one (Big League Chew) just came on his own because he’s BA. Fortunately Kevlar has a lit shelter that we can use on days like this.


I thought I may be running solo and a few guys were texting on the way asking if I was going to cancel the workout. We ended up having an awesome morning.


The Thang


Run around church, warmup with various exercises ending in a “side bear crawl merkin circle” – I’ll use it next time but it was  good group to test it on.


Benches – 10 derkins, 10 dips, run to rock and back 3x


Grab a lifting rock, a partner and head to the pavilion

P1 – Did exercise with Rock (timer)

P2 – Did exercise without rock

One guy was the counter (ex. P1 did 20 curls while P2 did SSH)

Basically 20 sets or so of this (step ups, chest presses, louganis’s, shoulder press, etc.) until we ran out of time. Total strength workout with lighted pavilion away from the rain. Somehow it even got a little hot in there.




Mile High came back out after a 6 month-ish hiatus. I met him on an airplane initially and he posted (hence his name) then after not seeing him for a long time I saw him on a cross country flight to Seattle last week. He knew he had to come back out. After that he posted on Saturday (A51) and today (Matrix), 3 times in 4 days!


Solid group of guys did not regret it!





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