S.M.A.C.K. Down & the Cube of Pain

S.M.A.C.K. Down & the Cube of Pain

I planned this Q today to challenge myself, and the Pax, to get out of our comfort zones and put in some work at 530am. As they say, the real growth happens in life when we break out of our comfort zones. Workouts should be no different. If we’re going to wake up early, we might as well push it hard.  I also got a late night text from Ice9 asking where we meet for The Floater.  Since he’s lived in Waxhaw for 13 years, I tried to give him the simplest directions to where the Water Tower and Church are located.  Let’s just say, I should not have assumed!!!

14 of us took our warm-up lap from the Water Tower/Church location around the block to get started. Warm-up exercises consisted of:

  • SSH x 25
  • IW x 25
  • Mtn Climbers x 25
  • Low Slow Squat x 25
  • Cherry Picker x 10
  • Upward Dog Stretch
  • Downward Dog Stretch (face it…we all need more flexibility!)

The THANG…a S.M.A.C.K. down was about to happen:

Mosey to the famous Waxhaw Footbridge. Partner Up with someone of equal speed.

P1 runs over the Bridge, down Main St, and back to the Tree.  At the tree and benches P2 does:

  • S – Step ups
  • M – Merkins
  • A – Atomic Merkins (a Merkin + a Plank Jack. Learned this from Smokey at Asylum on Monday…another reason to try new AO’s and Q’s, fellas!)
  • C – Carolina Dry Docks
  • K – Knee ups (seated leg extensions)

Each man completes (2) rounds of each Letter before moving onto the next. Somehow, Ice9 and I got off count and either did less Step-ups than required or more Merkins…either way, YHC heard about it from Deflated!  Thanks, brother.  Guilty as charged!

Great work by the Pax getting up and over that bridge so many times. Those steps are steep and thankfully they were dry today.  YHC heard some complaining about Merkins followed by Atomic Merkins then Dry Docks.  That’s how we know it’s a good workout.  Realizing we had some Pax just starting the “K”, it was strongly suggested YHC shut it down and gather up the Pax. Request honored.  Now, grab a wall at the Veterans Memorial for:

  • Donkey Kicks x 20 OYO
  • Mike Tysons x 20 OYO
  • Donkey Kicks x 10 OYO
  • Mike Tysons x 10 OYO

Shoulders were now smoked. Mosey back to the start for the “Cube of Pain”.  My sons found this Bootcamp exercise Cube at the new Five Below on 521/Lancaster Hwy.  They thought it could be useful at F3, and for them at home.  I used it at Dromedary recently, so I couldn’t deprive the Floater Pax of this great tool.  Each man rolls the cube and whatever exercise and # comes up, we do it. Pretty Simple. To the best of my knowledge we did:

  • (30) Mtn Climbers
  • (15) x Jump Squats
  • (20) Dips
  • 1-minute Wall Sit (mixed in some 1-legged sits as well)
  • (20) Burpees
  • (15) Jump Lunges
  • (30) Russian Twists (or American Hammers)
  • (30) Plank Jacks (supposed to be Mtn Climbers, again…mixed it up. Incorporated 6″ PJ’s)



As mentioned, I wanted to push everyone beyond the limit of what we would do ourselves. Today was shoulder and chest day, and I think everyone tore down to build back up. Approaching my 2-Year F3 Anniversary on 10/31/18, I have made it my mission to take my Q’s to another level, to select Q’s at Dromedary on Wednesday’s that will bring some pain to the Pax, and visit other AO’s to learn and grow.  That’s what F3 is all about, in my opinion. We can’t keep doing the same thing and expect different results. Let’s keep pushing each other, fellas!  I’m proud of what I see from so many of you and the increased speed and strength you’ve developed.  Until next time…



Great Wolf Lodge F3 Event on 11/9. Workout on 11/10 at Great Wolf.

Damascus doing Vagabond on 11/10 as well.

“Clyent Dinner” workout tonight. 630pm at Food Lion shopping center.

New Men’s Bible Study at Five Stones Church (not an F3 study). Wednesday mornings. 615am after Chiseled.


YHC took us out in prayer. Lord, continue to bless the pax, provide a hedge of protection around us all, our families, our schools, our community, our workplaces and our country.

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