Premature Evacuation

Premature Evacuation

23 PAX accepted the annual Ballantyne “deck run” challenge and posted at The Brave to see what it was all about.


The plan was to run to the top of 8 parking  decks in Ballantyne using the deck ramps, stopping at the top of each one for 10 burpees in cadence before heading down the stairs to the next deck. With 10 burpees at the start and at the end we would have performed 100 burpees in total, ascended 33 parking deck ramps and traveled roughly 6 miles.

Everything started out great.  The big group of 20 PAX managed to stay together, with Tolkien leading the way up the ramps.  Burpees were getting knocked out (despite a refusenik by Frasier to call burpees in cadence for the group in deck 1).  No issues crossing 521.  No one ran into a pond or sand trap crossing the golf course.  Made it through Room 101 (the 8-story deck) despite a security car sighting on the ground level.  It was starting to look like the plan would go off without a hitch.


Somewhere in the middle of the sixth parking deck we were rolled up on by Northwood security and encouraged to vacate the premises immediately.  “You cannot be in this deck for liability reasons”, we were told.

“So we can’t be in THIS deck”, replied YHC, hoping to create a binding legal loophole whereby we could use all the OTHER decks at our leisure in perpetuity.

“You cannot be in ANY deck”, replied our friend, who, in the midst of this career defining moment was now drunk with power.

Quick search of empty pockets hoping that a Starbucks gift card would magically materialize.  It didn’t.

“Ok then” replied YHC, deflated and annoyed.

After prematurely evacuating the deck we ran around past the remaining 2 decks, just to keep our new friend on his toes.  Back to launch for one AYG around the parking lot.  In total we got in 60 burpees, 25 deck ramps and 5.2 miles.


Just as the crushing disappointment of a failed weinke was sinking in as we formed our COT circle, out of the ashes of defeat sprung the heroes of our story, PAPER JAM, KIRBY AND MIGHTY MITE.  As it turns out, these three mavericks had left early and got through not six, but ALL EIGHT parking decks, cleverly outwitting the security guards at every turn.  A subset of our group had in fact achieved the parking deck goal!  And just like that, all was right with the world.  Thank you, PJ, Kirby and MM for being truly Brave.  T-claps to Wingman and Fire Hazard for being the only PAX to post at YHC’s deck run all three times we have done it.


Bunker bought Fire Hazard a t-shirt with a giant pig face on it for his birthday and gave it to him before the workout.  After COT FH modeled the shirt for the PAX and it was truly a sight to behold.  If you are lucky he’ll wear it to Crane Relay so that others can bask it it’s glory.


Spots are filling up for the mission trip to Peru.  See Tolkien for more info on this life-changing event.

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wingmanPosted on5:23 pm - Oct 22, 2018

proud to have been there for #the-three

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