“Time to Thrash!”

“Time to Thrash!”

Cool enough this am to wear sleeves and hat. I chose my Rat Bones skateboarding beenie which led to an impromptu Bones Brigade / Powell Peralta / Santa Barbara conversation with Puddin Pop. Once Horesehead heard enough, the rally cry rang out, “Time to Thrash” at the 5:30am mark….so off we went.

Leaving to the lower lot, two stragglers were pulling in and caught up to us in time for COP warm up: SSH, IW, Romanian Deadlifts with Merkin variations OYO in between. We continued around the church to the lacrosse field where cones and cinder blocks awaited. As most know, 3-man Grinders are a favorite of mine. Two groups had four, fortunately I had 8 cinder blocks so no one got off easy. We changed exercises intermittently: merkins, squats, squat jumps, curls, overhead press, lunges and good mornings on either sides. Some of those combos required the cinder block to be carried between while others used it for the exercise. It didn’t take long to realize this may have been the wettest field ever…not sure why. We cut it a little short to avoid any real damage. Hopefully all the sunshine today sprang it back to shape (might need to audible next time). We left there for the tennis court hot-box for a quick circuit on the benches: dips, step-ups, derkins, 3 sets of 20 each. That was rough! Back to parking lot for a few quick sprints to stretch it out a bit, then mosey back launch for mary. Various PAX had a turn to choose an exercise with two highlights being Squid selecting something from his Mens Journal magazine collection. We called it the Rockette (but in a reverse crab walk pose…seriously); and Fletch introduced a very slow merkin that no one liked. Other choices were Flutter, LBC, Russian Twist, Freddie Mercury…maybe one more. So not to be called out by anyone, I added 10 merkins OYO to use our full alotted time.

Excellent morning, cool enough but warmed up quickly once we started moving. Thanks to everyone who showed up and thanks to Puddin Pop for the takeout prayer; thoughts and prayers to his friend who went into brain surgery today.

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