Swan’s Run Loop (definitely not a quarter mile)

Swan’s Run Loop (definitely not a quarter mile)

Off to Swan’s Run Road and Back

The Pax: Daisy, Marge, Sleepy, Queen, Run Stopper, Tacking Dummy, Deep Dish, Harley, One Eye, Leprechaun, Puddin Pop, Cheese Curd

12 Men gathered as Daisy, former Hydra regular and now card carrying member of Copperhead, had the Q.

Here’s how it went:

With no disclaimer given, we immediately took off on a ½ mile plus run down Rae Road then up Swans Run Rd (I was asking myself if we were back at SOFAWIB).

Then the Warm Up exercises:

20 SSH

10 Low Slow Merkins

Next, we partnered up. Partner One did the ¼ mile plus run (Editor’s Note: it was definitely 0.4 mile loop, not a 1/4 mile loop) around Circle’s End Circle. Partner Two did walking lunges. Once Partner One caught Partner two, flapjack. Repeat twice.

Then we did a Jack Web type exercise from one pushup to six. Brief rest. Back down five to one.

Monkey humpers in cadence X30

Indian Run back to the Church

Pick up lifting rock from the creek

Squat rotation 10 count (no one understood when Daisy explained, I’ll try my best below)

25 LBC

Squat rotation 5 count

On your own, run back to OP parking lot


That was the first sub 70 degree morning we’ve had at Hydra since like March. I showed 49 degrees at the start. Good to see Daisy out to Q. We put in a little over 3 miles total. Cheese Curd was right, at least give us a little heads up before we start running off to Lord knows where. Actually we have been back in that area, about a year or so ago when Sleeping Cow had us running for the full 45 min.

Yeah, so the squat thing with the rocks. We got in a circle. Everybody went down in a squat, holding their rock while  one person counted to 10. We went back up to starting position and repeated for each member of the pax as they counted to 10. There should be an easy name for that, but if there is, I don’t know it.

Monkey humpers in cadence are brutal. I think Daisy might have been the only person that actually completed them all.

The Jack Web wasn’t a true Jack Web. Since Run Stopper was there, and it’s rumored that he was the person that originated the Jack Web, I think Daisy modified it to avoid Copyright infringement.

Thanks for Puddin Pop for the take out.

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