Don’t go back to Biscuitville

Don’t go back to Biscuitville

Six descended on the venerable Scout Hut at Matthews United Methodist to work out a few kinks, tweaks and twinges at Gumby.

This was a group of Gumby vets, so, a disclaimer was given where YHC might have yada-yada’d.

Lighting: Regular … YHC was thinking Bambi lamp, but, wasn’t exactly in a stable mindset (more on that in a minute)

Music: YHC’s “Gin Blossoms Radio” on Pandora, which has, thanks to lots of thumbs up/thumbs downs, been algorithm’d to an enjoyable mix of 90s/early 2000s jangle pop and some rock favorites. It’s the large adult son of Pandora stations.

Devotional: From the old classic, Our Daily Bread, a devo on winning and losing. That whole “stable mindset” thing earlier was mentioned because last night, YHC’s flag football team lost in the playoffs. We still have a game left … a consolation/3rd place game … but, not playing for the championship is, well, hard. The devo has a good word on winning, losing and perspective. Now, the question is, how long does YHC stew on the loss and when does YHC actually pay attention to the devo he offered?

Okay, let’s go …

Corpse pose for devotional

Knees up, feet at your 6. Windshield wiper left and right, following your breath.

Hold on the left, right arm out and looking right, then flapjack, hold on the right, left arm out and looking left.

Move to tabletop for some cat and cow. After that, check your 6 with some side bends.

Move to child’s pose, moving your arms to the right, back to the middle, back to the left, then back to the middle.

Up to the top of the mat. One sun salutation lead by the Q, then 2 OYO.

Back down on your back, grab a strap or a rope.

Strap around your right foot, stretch it straight up. Try and get deeper with every exhale. Swing your leg straight down to the right. Bring it back up. Flapjack.

Now, move over onto your left side. Strap around your right foot, then, bring your right leg up for a combo hamstring/inner thigh stretch. This was (1) new (2) led by a Q with bad form, but once the Q said what should be stretched, everyone else was able to get where they needed. Leg down and flapjack.

Up to mountain, 2 sun salutations OYO.

Then a half-SS, stopping in downward dog, right leg up and hold for a 3-legged dog, then swing through to warrior 1.

Move from warrior 1 to warrior 2 to warrior 3 to peaceful warrior to warrior 2.

In warrior 2, face the wall in a star pose, then descend to where your hands are on the mat. A professional like Witch Doctor would tell you to move, flexing each individual vertebrae. YHC is not a professional.

Walk your hands back toward your 6. Then over to the right leg, then to the left, then back to the middle, then back up, moving back to warrior 2. Go to warrior 3, then peaceful, then 2, then 1, then back to mountain.


Go through that whole rigamarole again on the other side. This time, when it came to the star pose, descend, then do the ninja pose, left foot turned up on its heel, left leg straight, sitting back on your right foot. Flapjack, then back up and finish the warrior rigamarole.

Okay, time to sit in the chair, so chair. Then we moved to awkward pose, which is like chair, except your arms are out straight. YHC discovered in his research that there are multiple awkwards ….

Move to awkward 2 (aka “more awkward”) which is the standard awkward pose, but, you are up on the balls of your feet. This will make your legs go into revolt.

Then, move to awkward 3 (aka “most awkward”), which, while still on the balls of your feet and hands out, squat. This is not much better.

Back to awkward 2, awkward 1, chair, recover.

Gypsy chimes in at this point. “That was awful.” Yeah, it was. So, let’s do that again. Repeato chair/awkward series.

Back to mountain, let’s make like a tree. So, get into tree, right foot up, balancing on your left leg. Down. Before we flapjack, let’s keep it in the tree family with a new pose, the palm. So, from mountain, get up on the balls of your feet, arms up, hands open and meeting above your head. Down. Now, standard tree on the other side.

About this time, “Everlong” by the Foo Fighters pops up. If you are a fan of FF, you know that this is typically their closer at a concert. Here is an example from when YHC saw them in ColumbiYEAH last year about this time. So, it’s serendipitous, because we’re in the home stretch.

Move into downward dog, right foot up and through for pigeon. Come out of that, flapjack.

Back to corpse pose, revisit the devotional, then, time’s up.





Gypsy still looking for PAX for Speed for Need at the Let Them Soar 5K on November 10. It is launching from Christ Covenant, home of Skunk Works and Kevlar, and goes through downtown Matthews.


Alright, so, yeah, I’m trying not to be grouchy or sulk in the wake of losing a playoff game with a group that I thought could possibly win the whole thing. I am competitive, I don’t like losing, I love winning even more. Plus, I try and take it seriously and put on an air of professionalism for the kids and their families.

Bottom line, losing stinks.

Bottom(er) line, coming up with a quality #weinke when you’re in the throes of that moment is an interesting exercise, especially when I wanted to sprinkle in a couple of new things.

So, the variances on awkward were found in basic Google research last night. The palm pose came as a result of Hurricane Florence. As a proud cord-cutter, I like the options available to have live TV through streaming. Now, during Florence, we had a brief Internet outage on that Saturday (thankfully it came back before the noon kickoff slate), and I was flipping through the network/OTA offerings. On a PBS subchannel, I found a yoga show. Apparently, it is a PBS production called “Yoga in Practice.”

Some of the things the ladies were doing were a little beyond broga, but the palm is one I picked up.

Today, the #mumblechatter was quality over quantity, and centered around two things:

  1. Gypsy arrived late and had to MacGyver the strap around his yoga mat to help with the strap exercises, as all of the good Boy Scout ropes were taken by the other PAX.
  2. An ad for Biscuitville popped up during a break in the music, and Tweetsie just threw it out there “Is Biscuitville better than Bojangles?”. Although I think no one in the room has ever actually been to Biscuitville, it was determined to be inferior to Bojangles because (a) it has only breakfast/lunch hours, and you can get a cajun filet biscuit anytime at Boj and (b) because, as I put it, “I can’t, in good conscience, drive past a Bojangles to go to Biscuitville,” which is what I would have to do to get to Indian Trail and the nearest Biscuitville.

So, there you have it. Another edition of Gumby in the books. Hopefully you left feeling a little better. Thanks to Swiss Miss and Tweetsie for the opportunity to lead. It is a privilege and an honor.



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