Good . . . Good . . . let the hate flow through you

Good . . . Good . . . let the hate flow through you


15 braved the drive to the Thrive.  Some barely made it out alive.

Got a text from Glass Joe last night that his daughter had broken her arm attempting a Yurchenko vault from a 2X12 wedged under the rear bumper of his F-150 at the Unionville Gymnastics and Check Cashing Center last night.    Gotta help a brother out, so time to brave the extremely confusing temporary stoplights, traffic cones, and barriers across Hwy74 to lead the brave men of (the real) UC in this morning’s misadventure.


  • Warmup COP near the entrance to the trail that leads to the meth houses.  Some stuff.
  • Much longer-than-anyone-wanted suicides along the road.  R1 Squats, R2 Merkins.   Mary for the six.
  • Stairway to 7s on the hill – burpees and jump squats.  Near mutiny because mud, so moved to the road and doubled the length because complaining.
  • Ascending merkins at the stoplights on the other side of the field to complete the cubic route around campus.
  • Mary


It’s been a while since I have posted out in Hazard County.   I was surprised to see 14 other guys show up, still a good crew out there.  Not a lot has changed.

  • Shepherd still does nanosquats
  • Hairband complained about running the whole time
  • Bonhoeffer still wore that awful tank top
  • Hoffa was angry about stuff
  • Arsenal died three times
  • Gypsy only speaks F3 lexicon now and wears a shovel flag as a loincloth
  • Lumberjack has a nice car
  • Killi is apparently not named after the dwarf in The Hobbit

Two of the young guys were crushing it out there – Full House and Jock Strap.  Strap has his VQ tomorrow at Death Valley, home of all things muddy and soccer.  Since he was out front on the suicides, I asked him to demonstrate his cadence (which of course he has been practicing).   You boys are in for a real treat tomorrow.


Lots of hate for the running out there today.  Good . . . Good . . . let the hate flow through you.  Use your aggressive feelings.  Only then, will you harness the true power of the Dark Side.




– HH







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