The Smell Of Burning Metal In The Morning

The Smell Of Burning Metal In The Morning

I want to rewind to my Sunday morning strolling thru Harris Teeter searching for all available protein; when I received a text at 9:45 am stating on was on Q tomorrow and it’s a gear workout. Kinda funny because I didn’t agree to this. It sorta felt like that one time my name among others were hand written on piece of toilet paper titled Q Schedule, and posted on GroupMe. I did what any man in my position would do, and ignored it. Fast forward to 3:45 pm. I received a second text requesting my presence at Asylum? Realizing this problem wasn’t going to disappear easily; I agreed. So here we are 5:15 am on this crisp Monday morning and 7 men are ready to work; but wait the guy trolling me from Sunday in MIA, and he has the gear. Out of nowhere there was a screech of  rubber and there is Transporter coming around the corner on two wheels, hot off the porta-john, with a truck full of metal plates to save the day. Now the 8 pax in total were all there and ready to put in some work.


Warm Up:

We started off with a little SSH x 25, and moved to some IW x 2o. I pulled the Cherry Pickers x 1 out just for good measure, and finished it off with Merkins x 30.

The Workout:

Partner up and mosey with the plate to the large parking lot. I grabbed a 35lb’er; but some feeling super macho grabbed the 45’s which hopefully turned into your biggest regret of the week.

Partner 1 (P1)- 1/6 mile run while Partner 2 (P2) started with Front-Delt Raises. Combined goal of 250. I knew what was ahead so I quickly choose Goodfella as a partner to take the brunt of the workload. Jingles has been running in his spare time; he was nipping at my heels the entire time.

Next exercise was P1 – Dips and P2 Worm Burners with the plate. Total count 250.

Next was Worm Burners across the entire parking lot while your partner did 3 burpees and chased you down. Flap jack until complete. It was my first time meeting Smokey; but after I called this exercise I learned what his hatred face looked like. It was Transporters first reference to puking; but not his last.

Next P1 did Bear Crawls while P2 worked on Tricep extensions. Once again our combined goal was 25o. Shop banged these out rather quickly; pretty confident we found his wheel house.

Final exercise was P1 – Decline Merkins and P2 – did lunge walks with plate over head. Is it possible the Doc’s merking form is worsening with age. Your suppose to have day light between your pelvis the ground; I hope the concrete burn doesn’t set you back any.

Mosey back to start for the signature Merkin Ladder and some Dry Docks.


As always; it is a privilege to lead this group of awesome men. Akbar is like a silent assassin. You never hear him but he is always there putting in the work.

Announcements: Sanctuary tonight at Brooklyn Pizza.

Frack Out!

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