Fall has arrived at Ascent

Fall has arrived at Ascent

Has the hot weather from summer finally disappeared? Arrived at the AO 6:50 at a cool 55 degrees and Snoopy was already there, that’s some kind of dedication! Or maybe he’s an insomniac? Stretched while waiting for the other PAX to pull themselves out of their fartsacks but it must have been to cold for them? Or maybe their power is still off from Hurricane Michael and they can’t get their alarm clocks working? As all dedicated Qs do started on time with the disclaimer and dived into the warm ups.

10 each SSH, IW, Hill Billies, Mt Climbers, Peter Parker, Parker Peters them moseyed from parking lot to track and proceeded with Bear Crawl, Crab Walk, Backward Lunge then Forward Lunge.

Onto the thang: proceeded from track to nearby benches for 10 each of stepup/squats, dips, derkins and incline merkins. Run to back playground for 5 slow 5 count pull ups. From there to benches right of the school for more bench work. Ran to Old Providence Neighborhood stopping at each light pole starting with 10 merkins down by 2 at each pole. Hill work 10 burpees bottom of hill decrease by 2 each lap and 2 LBCs top of hill increasing by 2. Out of neighborhood stopping at each pole 10>2 squats. Bench work right of school run to do more bench work left of school. Find a nice clean curb for calf raises 10 each in, straight, out then 10 Mike Tysons repeat calf raises to MT. A little Mary with Oblique Crunches, Dollies, Rosalitas and Flutters. Phone showed we went about 2.5 miles.

Weather was perfect for an intense beat down, so all of you that thought it was to cold you were wrong. Anybody who couldn’t get your alarm clock working because the power was out, buy a clock that uses batteries.

Great 2nd F with you Snoopy while doing the 1st F.



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